Adjust Ages and Expressions of AI Actors

Hit the right tone, emotion and even facial expressions with your AI actors to address your audience the right way.

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Convincingly make actors look older or younger


You can freely adjust the emotion of your actor: happy, sad, neutral


Have actors hold a smile or frown


Appropriate communication for every audience

· Connect with audiences regardless of age
· Convey the right emotional tone and feel for any message 
· Be positive, respectful, formal, relaxed, you are in charge

How to change ages and expressions on Colossyan Creator


Choose your AI presenter


Set the expression  


Generate your AI video

Frequently asked questions

Is this feature available on Basic or Pro Plan?

Currently this feature is only available for Enterprise Plans.

What emotions and expressions can my AI Actor convey?

You can choose from a range of different emotional qualities in which your actors communicate, including:

· Happy
· Sad
· Neutral
· Serious
· Reassuring
You can also have your actor pause while holding happy, sad, or neutral facial expressions like smiles and frowns.

Why do I need different emotions and expressions?

Choosing the appropriate emotional tone and expressions for different types of videos can have a huge impact on your audience. Convey a professional business tone for company content or an engaging, upbeat one for casual brand content. Young faces can seem fresh and up-to-date, while older ones can appear more wise and trustworthy. Make more authentic connections, whatever your audience.

How does Colossyan adapt to different expressions?

When we film our actors for the platform, we capture a wide range of expressions and emotions. Then, using our intelligent AI algorithms and face mapping, we are able to apply these different feels to our actors as required. Your presenter will take on these expressions as they communicate.

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How does the ageing feature work?

We have built a special ageing algorithm that can age our actors naturally and look true to life. This can be applied and removed at the click of a button and can help you connect with a variety of audiences.

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