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With tons of customization options from adding media to selecting different accents, you can easily personalize videos to connect with your audience.

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Choose from various ready-made AI templates


Add pictures, videos, music, and backgrounds


Select the language, accent, and intonation of your AI presenter


Personalized content for your brand

▶ Reach different countries and regions
▶ Deliver the right tone of voice for every video type
▶ Increase engagement by adding captivating media and animations

AI Actors


Choose from an extensive library of video templates.


Pick your actor and adapt their language, accent, voice speed, and intonation.


Add your own photos or videos or choose from our stock library.


Animate text and images.

Frequently asked questions

What are the voice customization options?

There are numerous options to customize voices, including talking speeds, tone and inflection, and even regional and country-based accents, for example, Australian, UK, or US.

Can I add media alongside a presenter?

Yes, you can create more stimulating videos by adding custom photo or video backgrounds with your AI actor layered over the top.

How long does customization take?

Video generation with customized aspects is quick and easy. Simply enter the AI video maker platform, begin creating your video, and choose from the customization options as you go.

Does customization affect the video quality?

No, our AI video creator is designed to integrate all customization options and consistently generate studio-quality, professional videos.

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