Turn text to video in minutes with Copy.ai and Colossyan

Video Blogging? A hassle? Not anymore!

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Videos are far more engaging than other forms of content. The issue is that they are expensive too, and what happens if something changes? You can’t just edit them, like you would update a blog post. Especially, when you add a human element, videos are impossible to keep fresh or customized, and end users are forced to pick and choose what content is worth making a video for… or rather they were forced, until Colossyan.
Colossyan Studio makes turning text into video fast and feasible for companies of all sizes.

Take any text, really, any, and turn it into an engaging video with digital or synthetic human actors!

Easier than a Powerpoint!

Let’s follow a step by step guide to see how you can use Copy.ai and Colossyan to create the ultimate video for any blog post, display video ad, landing page video, social media video, sales video and so much more.

  1. Create your script on Copy.ai

Log in, create a project and let Copy.ai come up with script suggestions. Pick your favourite!

  1. Next, go on app.colossyan.com, log in or register. Once you are logged choose a template or click on Create a new video in the top right corner. Insert your script under the Script tab. Pick an accent and voice and choose an actor under the Actor tab. 

3. Insert any images, videos, backgrounds or texts and choose a background music. Add extra scenes if you have a longer script. Once you are happy with the draft, hit on Generate in the top right corner. 

Ready to share

As easy as that, you have an AI generated video in a couple of minutes, ready to be posted.

If you would like to change anything ,maybe update the script in a couple of weeks, just go back to the editor and modify the script. Your video will be up to date and ready to be shared. Just like that you can turn text-to-video in minutes and not days for thousands of dollars. 

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