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If you are looking for the most efficient way to turn your text into a human presented video, text-to-video converts are thefastest and most cost efficient way to go. These tools are typically used in business fields such as marketing and journalism where video content is important and recently even in finance, e-learning, real estate and almost anywhere you can imagine a human presence being.

Colossyan to the Rescue

Are you looking for an easy way out to turn your text into a video at home, online? Well, you are in luck - you have landed at the right place! At Colossyan you can create your own human presented video by just inputting your script. The AI-powered solution has made converting blogposts, text files, and articles into customizable videos easy and convenient. What are you waiting for? Create videos from text in just a few simple steps! Keep reading to find out more.

Who Are We?

With Colossyan you can create your own digital actors. Our AI will convert text into videos with digital actors. Colossyan is an AI-powered writing tool that helps you create high-quality video content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost!

The future is now, and the future is AI

Colossyan uses deepfake technology to create videos with digital actors. It is based on artificial intelligence, known as synthetic video/media/content.


At Colossyan do it through synthetic media i.e., our AI powered programs and generators, deepfakes, and video chabots enable us to help you convert your text into videos.

So whether you want to turn text or blog posts into a YouTube video, our text -to-video maker is here to save tha day! It’s time for you to say goodbye to hours of hard work making videos. Let our digital avatars, or as we like to call it, our AI Actor, be the front face for your text.


We have no limit. From personalized videos to instructional videos, training videos, and even others, we got it all. And what’s better than an AI Actor doing all the work for you?

How to turn text into video with Colossyan: Step to Step Guide

Step 1: Open the Converter and Register

In order to use the converter, first open www.Colossyan.com and click on “start now” on the right top of the page. To proceed further, you will have to register. The portal will ask you the following questions:

●      Your name

●      Name of the company you work for

●      Your role inside the company

●      Whether your company has a website or not

●      Your email address

●      Your main goal with Colossyan

●      How did you hear about Colossyan

Once you follow all of these steps, your account will be created and you can use the converter. After you have registered, click on “new video” and then pick the suitable option from the menu.

Step 2: Upload your Text

The next step is to enter your text. In order to get an AI-generated video from text, you will have to insert a link of your article or you can also just simply copy and paste the text into the field and click on “create.”


Step 3: Customization of the Video

In the past, you would need to go through a lengthy, stressful and not to mention expensive process to get a professional video. But with Colossyan, you can use AI tools to generate professionally-made videos with a single click. You can choose from preset themes and add text or even customize your theme's design. All without going through any complex production process.

You can edit, customize and change the look of the generated video by changing text, or even by adding a logo.

Step 4: Publish your Video

When you are sure about your video, you need to go to the Publish step. Here you will decide what you want to do with it next. The options include: either download the video, share it on social media directly, embed it on a website, or create a video landing page.


What Makes Colossyan the Best Option Out There

Colossyan Studio is a new AI-powered text-to-video converter. We enable you to convert text into videos using digital avatars. You can either link an article or paste your input to convert it into video form using AI actors/digital avatars.

AI-based technology

Our AI-powered converter is based on the latest research in artificial intelligence that has been specifically designed for converting text into video. Our algorithm has been trained on millions of articles, so it knows how to translate any text into a video.

Release your creativity

Our AI-powered software can help you unleash your creativity with its smooth and easy interface that lets you create videos without the hassle of editing.


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