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How does Colossyan Creator work?

Colossyan Creator uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create realistic interpretations of any text you choose. Our end-to-end video creator takes the effort out of editing and gives you more time to work on what’s important for your business.

Getting started is simple:
▶ Choose an actor, select their voice and tone.
▶ Paste your text into the script box.
▶ Hit listen to make sure everything sounds good.
▶ Click generate and watch the magic happen.

AI Actors
AI Actors

What is synthetic media?

Synthetic media is the production of images, actors, speech, text and even music, using artificial intelligence algorithms. With synthetic media, you no longer need to limit yourself to the old ways of content production.

With a video creator like Colossyan, you can create scripted videos with AI actors to deliver presentations, conduct employee trainings or explain your product or service.

What is a synthetic actor?

A synthetic actor is the combination of human actors and AI technology. At Colossyan, we work with real actors to record their voices, movements and facial gestures to create AI actors. We then use our technology to breathe life into our virtual actors.

What are some synthetic media examples?

Almost everyone familiar with memes on the internet recognizes Hide the Pain Harrold. His image has been plastered over the internet for years. For April Fool’s, we created an AI-generated version of Harold to prank your friends with. We had a lot of fun with this one!

Another synthetic media example? Lil Miquela - digital lovechild of Trevor McFredies and Sara Decou - is an American influencer whose rise to fame began in 2016 in the form of an Instagram profile. Since then, Lil Miquela has become a popular virtual influencer with 3 million followers and worked with brands like Calvin Klein and Ugg.

AI Actors
AI Actors

Can I create my own synthetic actor?

You sure can. With a subscription to the Basic Plan, for the price of $1,000, we can create a custom avatar for you. All you need to to is record a base video and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why use AI-generated content?

AI-generated synthetic media is changing the name of the game. Using AI-generated content allows for more creativity and freedom at a lower price point. What used to take days of production in a studio can be finished in the blink of an eye.

What are the benefits of AI-generated synthetic media?

The benefits of using artificial intelligence are infinite. Synthetic media has made it possible to quickly create professional content at a fraction of the price. With Colossyan Creator:

▶ Decrease turnaround time for studio-quality video production.
▶ Create high-quality, cost-effective content.
▶ Easily translate to multiple languages to reach more people.
▶ Customize actors, voices and their scripts.
▶ Increase efficiency of your business.

AI Actors

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