Language replacement

There is one easy way to increase engagement, reduce costs and reach more people with videos — using the Colossyan synthetic translation technology to automatically replace the language of a given video. 

As an international organization, with employees or customers from different countries it can be tiresome to create country-specific video content. Not so anymore. 

Apply now to become a beta tester of our revolutionary synthetic translation technology, which allows you to speak the language of your users, customers or employees.

For whom?

Reach new audiences

We take care of the generation of mutiple language versions of your content.

Startups and SMEs

Launching new products or services around the world could be an expensive tasks. Lower the costs with us by translating your messages on the go, and reach new markets today!


Trainings and workshops are the paramount of the corporate organisation. With us, they can create language-specific content that will be adjusted to the whole community, increasing understanding and connections.

Governments, non-profits and NGOs

Language specific communication distributed in various online or offline channels can be very beneficial for reaching marginalized communities all around the world.


If you are sticking to one language, you might need to do a minor correction of a name or a mispronunciation, maybe a sentence has to be replaced or you wanna reuse an outdated video… Or why not create multiple versions where you address each viewer by their name? With our revolutionary synthetic speech replacement technology, it is possible now! You can replace any word, rewrite any sentence, and add new audio to any video. Join our beta testers now!

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