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For us, our values are more than just words. They are ways of living, creating, and doing.


Put the customer first.

Everything follows from how much value we can provide our customers. We show our product to let creators see if it suits them and prioritize their experience over the bottom line.


Embrace the challenge.

The uncertainty and difficulty of deep tech make it interesting. We don't avoid changing direction or grappling with complex technical problems.


Be straightforward.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We insist on honesty in communication and simplicity in design.


Enjoy the ride.

Growing a startup can be hectic, but it should be fun. We prioritize culture-fit over technical skills or experience.


Act like an owner.

In other companies, people are conditioned to think only in terms of the specific responsibilities of their role. We think more broadly - challenging decisions, clarifying ideas, and highlighting issues across the business.


We are Engineers, Designers, Marketers, Human beings.

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Dominik Kovacs
CEO and Founder of Colossyan
Imre Nagy
Head of Engineering
Katalin Gaal
Head of Operations
Shahzaib Aslam
Head of Research
Tamas Kocsis
Lead Product Manager
Uzma Kanjoo
Senior Customer Success Manager
Darin Kabashi
Video Editor
Szandra Karakai
Lead Product Designer
Almos Koncz
Full Stack Engineer
Fruzsina Rapavi
Actor Production Specialist
Adam Antal
Platform Engineer
Daniel Gal
Full Stack Engineer
Daniel Lengyel
Full Stack Engineer
Chief Happiness Officer
Balazs Schwarzkopf
Full Stack Engineer


Colossyan was founded to answer a question: what if there was a different way to create video?

Several years ago, while working at another company, three friends saw first-hand how time-consuming video production is. There are so many moving parts - the script, actors, and setting have to be just right - and if something is out of place, you have to reshoot. They gathered a team of world-class engineers and AI researchers to build a platform now used by companies like Hewlett Packard, BASF, and BMW to create and localize videos in minutes that previously would have taken months.

Join us and build the future of video!

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