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Frequently asked questions

How do I turn PowerPoint into a video?

You can easily convert PPT into video using the Colossyan Creator platform. Simply start a new project and import your PowerPoint file. Each slide will become a background for your video, then make your edits, and download your file.

How do I turn PDF to video?

Turn PDFs into videos using Colossyan Creator. Import your PDF and your draft will be generated on the platform. Customize with presenters and features of your choice and download the file in video format.

What customization options do I have?

Bring creative presentation ideas to life by easily editing your videos. Add AI presenters created with real actors, narrations by typing in a script, 60+ languages, audio files, images, text, and animations.

How long does it take to convert PPT and PDF to video?

You can save hours of time making video content by directly converting a PDF or PPT. It can take several minutes to import the PPT or PDF file in Colossyan Creator. Edit your video in just a few moments using the intuitive platform of Colossyan Creator, no video editing experience is necessary.

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