Simplify compliance training with AI video

Harness the power of AI to deliver compelling compliance training videos that engage employees, ensuring understanding and adherence to regulations and company policies.

Compliance training done better

Compliance training is essential for risk management and organizational integrity.

However, producing engaging content from complex regulations is challenging and time-consuming. Colossyan enables businesses to create AI-powered videos that simplify compliance training, making intricate regulations accessible and engaging, thereby strengthening compliance culture and minimizing risks efficiently.

Higher engagement

Create engaging training that helps employees' understand compliance policies better and quicker.

Regular updates

Easily update your training content to align with the latest regulations, keeping your team informed and compliant.

Streamlined training

Deliver concise, streamlined training on company policies, fostering a culture of compliance and understanding.

Multilingual content

Translate your compliance training into 70+ languages in seconds, ensuring understanding across all learners.

How the State of New Mexico cut costs by 70% while transforming text into engaging videos
‚ÄúWe are able to create custom learning modules using video, rather than make learners read large amounts of text.‚ÄĚ
Derella Miller
Learning and InstructionalTechnology Manager
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Key features for effective
compliance training

AI Avatars

Bring a human touch to compliance training with diverse AI Avatars and voices, making complex topics more understandable and engaging.

PPT & PDF Import

Streamline your training development by importing existing materials directly into Colossyan, and enrich your content with ease.

Instant content updates

Keep your training current with the ability to swiftly update videos in response to new regulations or company policies.

Auto Translation

Break language barriers and ensure company-wide compliance with training content available in over 70 languages.

SCORM Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate Colossyan videos into your Learning Management System (LMS) with SCORM exports.

Knowledge checkers

Coming soon

Enhance learning engagement with interactive quizzes designed to test and reinforce understanding.


Create compliance training in minutes with our free templates

Enhance your compliance training program with our user-friendly video templates, designed for easy customization to align with your specific regulatory requirements and company culture.

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