Boost engagement with scenario based videos

Create scenario-based videos and storylines with multiple actors in one scene

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SIDe view avatars

Create AI videos with realistic conversations

Previously, AI video technology focused on talking head presentations. Now, Side View Avatars introduce lifelike side-profile interactions, enhancing training modules with richer storytelling and enabling more dynamic video creation with conversations.



Add up to 4 avatar
in one scene



Create scenarios and dialogues between multiple Colossyan avatars

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Discussions between avatars reenact real life events for learning and development

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Show, don’t tell with easy-to-understand tutorials
Learning hub
Coach employees on how to handle difficult situations 
Give specific examples of what to do - or what not to do
Engage viewers in over-the-shoulder conversations


Enhance your Colossyan scenes with more avatars

Colossyan powers the world’s most advanced AI creators

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from 150+ reviews on G2
4,8 average g2 rating

We’ve cut the time to produce a video by 50% and are happier with the result

Colossyan Creator allows our instructional technology team to improve  learner experience with their AI video generator, making the learning experience much more engaging. We are able to create custom learning modules using video rather than having learners read large amounts of text.

Derella Miller
Learning and Instructional Technology
Manager AT State of New Mexico
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4,8 average g2 rating

Colossyan saves us time, money, and helps us produce better videos

Having taught in the traditional way (in classrooms) for over 18 years I bear witness to the shift we are making to offering our services via online platforms. Colossyan’s AI video generator initiative offers a way to enhance the online teaching and learning experience by providing flexible, engaging, AI video.

Malissa Lewis-Francis
Lecturer and Programme
Developer at QAQF
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4,8 average g2 rating

Highly recommend Colossyan to anyone looking to streamline their training programs

The AI technology they've built into their software is truly cutting-edge and has significantly improved our new hire training program productivity. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making navigating through the various features easy.

Franklina Tawiah
HR Project manager
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Frequently asked

How many actors can I include in a scene?

You can add up to 4 actors in one scene.

Is there a limit to the number of dialogue boxes I can add?

Nope - there’s no limit on the number of lines in a conversation you can add. Go wild!

Who has access to the conversations feature?

At the moment, all Enterprise Plan members can access the conversations feature and can include multiple actors and create dialogues between them. The feature will be available on other plans in the future.

Is there an additional cost to include more actors?

You can create dialogues between actors at no additional cost if you are on the Enterprise Plan.

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