Sales enablement with AI video

Unlock the potential of AI to craft dynamic sales enablement videos that captivate your team, ensuring mastery of sales techniques and product knowledge.

Sales enablement redefined

Keeping up with fast-evolving products 
and new sales techniques is challenging.

Colossyan revolutionizes sales training by allowing businesses to easily create AI-powered videos, which:

Explain concepts and product details

Elevate sales skills and knowledge

Enhance sales team performance

Stronger understanding

Craft effective training that accelerates sales teams' understanding and retention of sales strategies and product features.

Regular updates

Swiftly update your sales training materials to reflect the latest product changes and sales tactics, keeping your team informed.

Scenario-based training

Engage sales teams with real-world scenarios, enhancing their problem-solving & decision-making skills in various sales situations.

Fast-track to sales effectiveness

Shorten the path to sales effectiveness, enabling teams to contribute to revenue goals faster through efficient video training.

How MentorGroup help organizations reach revenue targets with cost-effective AI videos
“Scaling and maintaining content has been cost-prohibiting, but with Colossyan, we were able to cut around 90% of our video production costs.”
James Barton
Chief Solution Officer
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Key features for effective
sales enablement

AI Avatars

Enhance sales training with a range of AI Avatars and voices, making learning more relatable and engaging.

PPT & PDF Import

Save time by uploading existing presentations into Colossyan, and easily turning them into engaging videos.

Instant content updates

Keep your sales training up-to-date with the capability to quickly revise videos as products & strategies evolve.

Screen recording

Capture, share and explain the latest product features effortlessly with screen recording.

Auto translation

Overcome language barriers and ensure global sales team alignment with training content available in over 70 languages.

Professional templates

Utilize professional templates for a quick start in creating effective sales training videos with ease.


Boost your sales training with 
our free video templates

Kickstart your sales enablement program with our easy-to-use video templates, tailored to meet your sales training needs, from product knowledge to advanced selling techniques.

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Transform your sales enablement with Colossyan

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