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Frequently asked

Why use subtitles on video?

Use subtitles and captions to enrich your video content by reinforcing your message and making sure it is understood. Many people consume social media videos on mute, from waiting in a queue to on their daily commute. Subtitles allow your video to have an impact even without sound. They also allow the message to reach those with hearing or learning difficulties.

How long does it take to add subtitles on Colossyan?

Our feature to add subtitles to videos is fully automatic. It takes just a few seconds as it works with the scripts that have already been inserted for your actor voiceover.

Do subtitles help boost SEO?

Yes, monthly plans can be canceled at any time.Yes, monthly plans can be canceled at any time.Yes, monthly plans can be canceled at any time.Yes, monthly plans can be canceled at any time.Yes, monthly plans can be canceled at any time.Yes, monthly plans can be canceled at any time.

How do I add/remove subtitles?

Adding subtitles to your videos in Colossyan is a breeze.

How to add subtitles:
From your video draft in Colossyan Creator, click the blue “Generate” button.Toggle the “Add subtitles” slider on (it’ll appear blue) under the Title section.Hit the black “Start generation” button to create your video with subtitles, OR “Cancel” to see how they appear in the preview.

How to remove subtitles:
Hit the “Generate” button in the top right of the screen in Colossyan CreatorToggle the “Add subtitles” slider off.

If you’ve already generated a video with subtitles and you’d like to remove them, you’ll have to generate a new video without captions.

Can I change the size or color of the subtitles?

We’re working on it. At the moment, though, there’s only the default option.

Can I export subtitles as an .srt file?

No, unfortunately, you can’t export .srt files for subtitles.

How do I remove phonetic spelling from the subtitles?

We’re currently working on a lexicon feature that will solve this.

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