Onboard new hires with AI video

Elevate your employees’ onboarding experience with engaging video content that captures the essence of your company culture.

“By creating multilingual videos in Colossyan, we save 80% of our costs while effectively onboarding new employees.”
Kristin Broadhead
Director of L& D at Sonesta
Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is key to a productive, engaged workforce.

Traditional onboarding methods, often limited by static content, struggle with engagement and can be costly, averaging $4,100 per new hire. Colossyan introduces a transformative approach with AI video, creating engaging and scalable onboarding content, while reducing time and costs.

Accelerated productivity

Reduce the time it takes for new hires to reach full productivity with engaging AI video content that resonates with their roles.

Engagement uplift

Enhance new hire engagement with dynamic videos that immerse them in your company's culture and expectations.

Onboarding cost reduction

Lower the expenses associated with traditional onboarding by adopting scalable and easily updated AI video content.

Consistent onboarding resources

Ensure every new hire receives the same foundational knowledge through consistent, high-quality video resources.

Franklina Tawiah
HR Project manager at DSV
I highly recommend Colossyan to anyone looking to streamline their training and onboarding programs and boost their efficiency.”

Key features for onboarding

AI Avatars

Elevate your onboarding with AI Avatars, who can effectively guide new hires through their onboarding journey with AI narration from your text.


Easily adapt your onboarding content for different audiences, and translate whole videos into 70+ languages in seconds.

Instant updates

Quickly update your onboarding videos to reflect any changes in policies, procedures, or company information, keeping content fresh and relevant.

Professional templates

Utilize professional templates for a quick start in creating impactful onboarding videos with ease.

Screen recording

Improve your onboarding tutorials with screen recordings, showcasing your product's functionalities and features.

PPT & PDF import

Import existing presentations directly into Colossyan, and easily turn them into professionally narrated videos.


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Jumpstart your onboarding process with our customizable video templates. Tailor them to reflect your brand and culture, and enable new hires to easily transition into their roles.

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