Elevate customer education with AI video

Unlock the potential of your products and services by educating your customers through engaging AI-powered video content that simplifies complex concepts and boosts user satisfaction.

Customer education

Customer education made simple

Effective customer education is key to product adoption and satisfaction, but updating training materials requires extensive resources. Colossyan addresses this challenge with AI video technology, making it easier to create scalable and impactful training content.

Enhance customer satisfaction and engagement

Accelerate product adoption with efficient training

Scale customer training to boost revenue growth

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Product walkthroughs

Break down complex product features into easy-to-understand AI video content, improving customer comprehension and product usage.

Scenario-based training

Engage your customers with interactive AI videos that simulate real-life scenarios, enabling them to navigate through practical applications of your product or services.

Explainer videos

Reduce the volume of support tickets by providing comprehensive and accessible explainer videos, allowing customers to find answers quickly and independently.

Multilingual training

Easily scale your education efforts to reach a global audience with consistent, high-quality video content, ensuring all customers have the resources they need to succeed.

“Before Colossyan, our process required a lot of steps, and was very expensive and complicated: we needed translation, production studios, and post-production work. The whole process would take us a month. Now, we can get everything done in 1-2 days.”
Torsten Seelbach
Founder of AFNB
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Key features for customer
education success

AI Avatars

Elevate your training with AI Avatars, offering over 500 voice options to deliver personalized and engaging instructional content.

Global reach

Broaden your training's accessibility by instantly translating content into more than 70 languages, ensuring global reach.

Easy updates

Keep all your training materials consistent and up-to-date with the ability to swiftly update your videos as needed.

Screen recording

Improve your tutorials with clear screen recordings, showcasing your product's functionalities for better understanding.

Professional templates

Utilize professional templates for a quick start in creating impactful educational videos with ease.

Knowledge checkers

Coming soon

Enhance learning engagement with interactive quizzes.


Get started for free with our templates for customer training

Enhance your customer education strategy with our easy-to-use video templates, designed to be customized to your brand and products, ensuring your customers are well-informed and satisfied.

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Scenario-based learning
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More than customer training

Beyond customer training: 
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Employee onboarding
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Compliance training
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Internal communications
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Start empowering your customers with clear, engaging product training today, and witness the transformation in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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