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Our text-to-speech voices are powered by people and AI technology, allowing you to easily add a personalized touch to your texts and videos.

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Skip the hassle of microphones and sound equipment. Using AI-powered voices ensures crystal-clear audio every time.

Thomas H.
Small Business Owner

“I recently used the Colossyan platform to make YouTube videos, and I was amazed at how easy and efficient it was. The user interface is straightforward, and it was a breeze to upload my content and add voice-overs. The video came out looking amazing, and the voice-over was crystal clear.”

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using text-to-speech?

There’s no need to hire a voice actor for their time or purchase expensive audio equipment. With speech-to-text, our AI technology produces crystal-clear audio of your written text in minutes.

How do I convert my text to speech?

Simply type or paste your text into the script box. Then, choose an AI actor from the library. Back at the bottom of the script box, you can select and browse different voices by clicking on the actor’s name.

What can I use text-to-speech for?

You can include a voice-over to go along with your presentations, on your website, or in explainer videos for products or services. Listening along with visuals enhances understanding and increases overall information retention.

How are the voices created?

Real-life actors lent their voices and spent time recording themselves so we could develop speech patterns to be inserted into our AI. Now they can say whatever you need them to.

How long does it take to turn text into speech?

The converted text to speech should be ready in a matter of seconds. You can preview how it will sound with the preview play button to the left of your scenes. 

Can I clone my own voice?

Just like you can create a custom AI actor to represent yourself, a company representative, or a mascot, you can now clone your voice to create a custom AI to avoid voice fatigue and get more done faster. Just record a few minutes of yourself speaking and we’ll do the rest.

Instant updates

Once a voice actor has recorded their part, there’s no going back (unless you hire them again). With text-to-speech, you can edit your text, make updates, and generate a new voiceover in minutes

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