Democratizing studio-quality
video creation


We are Engineers, Designers, Marketers, Human beings.

Our mission is to democratize video content creation for everyone and make studio-quality videos available for all content creators and business owners without investment in expensive equipment or studio rental.

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Dominik Kovacs
CEO and Founder of Colossyan
Imre Nagy
Head of Engineering
Shahzaib Aslam
Head of Research
Katalin Gaal
Head of Operations
Tamas Kocsis
Lead Product Manager
Attila Csordas
Frontend Engineer
Uzma Kanjoo
Senior Customer Success Manager
Darin Kabashi
Video Editor
Szandra Karakai
Lead Product Designer
Almos Koncz
Full Stack Engineer
Fruzsina Rapavi
Avatar Production Specialist
Adamm Antal
Platform Engineer
Daniel Gal
Full Stack Engineer
Daniel Lengyel
Full Stack Engineer
Uluc Sahin
Balazs Schwarzkopf
Full Stack Engineer

For us, our values are more than just words. They are ways of living, creating, and doing. Our values run deep through our company culture and have since day one.



We prioritize the needs of the customer. We only build what they need.



Taking full responsibility of the tasks assigned to us, independence over micromanagement. When something is broken, don't let it go unnoticed.


Hard work

Colossyan is not for lazybones. Work is our priority for the day, but of course, we have our private lives besides this.



We are capable of solving any problems. We have the knowledge and the skills. We appreciate learning and becoming better.



We constantly adapt to the ever-changing environment as a small startup, we need to keep up with changing customer needs, trends and new ideas.

Colossyan began with an extensive discovery - a group of university students exploring the potential of AI for content creation.

Colossyan began with an extensive discovery - a group of university students exploring the potential of AI for content creation.The goal was to create a technology that allows the creation of digital actors from scratch. But that was only really the beginning.Today, Colossyan is building a product to give everybody a chance to make studio-quality video creations and provide them with the power to create professional videos.We will positively impact all creators and businesses by drastically reducing the time and effort required to create quality video content.Colossyan gives companies way more efficient methods of distributing their message to their customers and employees.

We’re always looking for talented new members that push us to be bolder, dream bigger and perform better. Think that’s you? We like your confidence. Drop us a line!

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