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Colossyan was born in Copenhagen in 2018. We dedicated ourselves to bringing studio-quality videos into the web browsers of small and large businesses — no camera, no studio, no editing needed.

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The Founding team

The idea of Colossyan was born in 2018, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today, 17 of us are working every day across countries and time zones to make Colossyan Creator the go to choice of small and large businesses when creating video content. Budapest, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Lahore, Pristina are some of the cities where small steps are taken every day to democratize video content and allow everyone to make studio-quality videos without any physical equipment or studio in just minutes.

The founding trio CEO Kristof Szabo, CPO Dominik Mate Kovacs, and CTO Zoltan Kovacs met in Copenhagen in 2018. Before starting Colossyan, they worked with synthetic media technology on research projects with startups, media companies, research organizations, and universities. Now, all the experience and skills gained through these projects are being channelled into Colossyan.

Today, Creator is used by companies to create training videos, social media content, marketing and sales videos, explainers and much more.

We believe in the synthetic revolution of the 21st century and thanks to Colossyan Creator, you can be part of it.


The power of synthetic media can be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. That is why we put Ethics & Security as a top priority at Colossyan.

We protect our videos using watermark technology by Defudger that tracks videos and avoids unintended use. As we continue to develop our software, we will continue to find ways to put ethics and security as our first priority.

We aim to track the intended and final use of content created with Colossyan, but we do allow it for commercial use by our trusted clients.

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