Challenge reality

Before starting Colossyan, we have worked with synthetic media technology in research projects together with startups, media companies, research organizations, and universities.

We are an ethical AI company. We always implement the highest standards in terms of technology development and conducting agreements to ensure that technology is not used for malicious purposes.

We believe in the synthetic revolution of the 21st century, and we are at the forefront of it, eager to see what we can achieve with You as our partner. Let’s challenge reality together!

Zero misuse

We will never allow anyone to misuse our product and manipulate someone without their consent. All our content is invisibly watermarked by Defudger.


We will keep collaborating with companies and organizations who are committed to the detection of deepfake videos. We want to make sure these solutions can mark any of our creations and notify us as soon as possible.

Private software

All the tools and code we maintain will never be used by anyone outside of the company. We find it a dangerous weapon if put into wrong hands.

Szymon Mikołajczyk


CMO & Founder

imre nagy


CTO & Founder

imre nagy


CEO & Founder


Full-stack Developer



jakob reha


Data Scientist


UI/UX Specialist

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