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AI presenters: elevate your content with Colossyan

Bring ideas to life with engaging AI avatars or voiceovers flawlessly delivering your message

Captivating your audience is easy - so is getting started

Effortless text-to-video creation powered by AI technology in 3 steps:

1 - Enter your script

Need help? Only Colossyan has a free AI Script Assistant to help you get over the blank page problem.

Text & Speech

2 - Design your presentation slides

Not a designer? Not a problem. Choose from Colossyan’s editable templates or use AI-powered prompt to video to get started.

3 - Hit Generate

Select your video resolution and in 10 minutes you’ll have a compelling, shareable video!

Charm your audience and leave a lasting impression with AI presenters

Engaging Storytelling

Colossyan's AI presenters make storytelling a dynamic experience. Human-like avatars animate your script, adding a personal touch that resonates with viewers. Lifelike gestures and expressions create an emotional connection, making your videos more memorable and impactful.

Ditch dull presentations for exciting videos

Importing your existing PowerPoint (PPT) or PDF presentations into Colossyan is a breeze. Enhance your static slides and generate videos with dynamic AI presenters.

All-purpose applications

Whether you're a content creator, marketer, educator, or business professional, our AI presenters lend their expertise to your videos, making them engaging and persuasive.

Perfect for creating:
- Informative videos
- Promotional content
- Educational materials

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an AI presenter?

An AI presenter is a virtual host or presenter created using artificial intelligence technology. You can think of them as digital personalities that can appear in your videos and presentations. They're made using advanced algorithms and real human video footage, so they look and act like real people. They can deliver scripted content, make natural gestures, and bring a human touch to digital media.

How can Colossyan's AI presenters enhance my videos?

Colossyan's AI presenters can bring your content to life and captivate your audience. They are a great way to add personality to your videos and liven up presentations.

Can I incorporate voiceovers into my videos?

Yes, Colossyan offers both AI-generated voiceovers and the ability to upload your own audio files. This flexibility ensures your videos have the perfect voice to complement your content.

What video formats can I export from Colossyan?

Colossyan supports a wide range of video formats, including MP4, AVI, and MOV.

What video resolutions does Colossyan support?

Colossyan offers a variety of video resolutions to meet your needs. Choose from 720p, our HD resolutions in 1080p, 1440p and 4K resolution in 2160p. Select your desired video resolution when hitting the “Generate” button in the top right corner of Colossyan Creator.

Can I change a video’s aspect ratio?

You sure can. Colossyan has default aspect ratios 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1. You also have the option to set a custom size. To change your video’s aspect ratio, simply click on “Resize” in the top left menu in Colossyan Creator.

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