Colossyan vs Synthesia

Looking for a Synthesia alternative? Both Colossyan and Synthesia provide AI video generation from text. Compare them side-by-side to find your best fit.

Top 3 reasons creators go with Colossyan over Synthesia

Free trial

Colossyan lets you try for free, so you can have confidence it is the right solution for your requirements

Get a feel for how the tool works
Play with different actors and voices
Try LX-optimized templates
Rated 4.9 out of 5 on G2
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Learning-specific features

Colossyan is dedicated to workplace learning. We have unique features to meet L&D requirements.

Scenario-Based Learning support
4K quality & custom aspect ratios
Trusted by
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Rated best support

According to G2, Colossyan has the best support in the industry (9.6/10) and is the easiest to do business with.

Simple procurement process
Viewer and editor roles free
Full commercial licensing
Awards from G2
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Compare the features: Colossyan vs Synthesia

The tool you choose depends on the type of content you’re creating. Have a look at the features side by side.

Why choose Colossyan for Learning?

Colossyan's unique conversations feature allows for dialogues between up to 4 actors in a single scene, enabling Scenario-Based Learning experiences.

Autotranslation of videos substantially speeds up the localization process with Colossyan, enabling translation in just four clicks.

Why choose Synthesia for Learning?

Like Colossyan, Synthesia offers a selection of templates to speed up the video creation procss. Its lack of Scenario-Based Learning and Autotranslation support makes Colossyan the better choice for creating learning content.

Meets learning requirements rating
Learning templates
Scenario-based learning support
Learning stack integration

Video presentation & editing features in Colossyan and Synthesia are evenly matched. Both tools include essential features like content libraries, screen recording, media uploads, and transitions. 


Colossyan offers various aspect ratios to quickly and easily generate videos for different resolutions. It’s also the only platform that renders videos in Ultra HD (4K) resolution.

In G2, customers frequently comment on the quality of audio generation.

See lip synch and audio for Colossyan:


See lip synch and audio from Synthesia above.

While lip synch varies substantially by avatar, Synthesia on average has an edge on lip synch. Synthesia doesn't offer 4k video resolution or the high-quality audio control that Colossyan does. 

Video presentation & editing rating
4k video export
Lip sync quality
Voice quality
Aspect ratios
Screen recorder & upload your own media
Stock imagery/videos/music

Both Colossyan and Synthesia have easy-to-use interfaces that simplify video creation relative to traditional video production.

Creating AI videos with Colossyan

Colossyan facilitates PPT and PDF import which is  important for users who use presentations as part of their learning programs. 

Colossyan Creator’s AI integrations make the video creation process even easier. The built-in AI Script Assistant  aids with script writing, rephrasing, ideation and more. Prompt-to-video enables to generate whole videos with a prompt alone, helping to combat the "blank page" problem.

Creating AI videos with Synthesia

Creating videos with Synthesia is simple. They offer a large selection of templates and have a library of tutorials to help you get acquainted with the creation. Synthesia offers PDF imports, but not PPT.

Ease of video creation rating
Easy-to-use UI
AI Script Assistant
AI Prompt to Video
PPT/PDF import

Is Colossyan or Synthesia better for collaboration?

Both solutions could do more on the collaboration front. That being said, Colossyan has an edge here due to its shared workspaces and Brand Kit feature which lets creators save brand assets like logos, fonts and colors.

Collaboration rating
Brand kit
Shared workspaces
Media library
Commenting and approval
Coming soon

How do support and ease of doing business compare for Colossyan and Synthesia?

Colossyan offers a free trial and plan. Synthesia requires you to pay before finding out whether the tool is right for you.

Colossyan also grants full commercial licensing to videos created by paid subscribers. Synthesia has restrictions - their videos can’t be used in ads.

Support rating
SOC 2 in progress
Ease of doing business rating
Free trial and plan
Full commercial licensing
Dedicated CSM
Simple procurement process
Partner program

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