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Why use custom avatars?

Create on-brand videos with a personal touch

Add a new dimension to educational content

Humanize training and onboarding

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Frequently asked questions

What is a custom AI synthetic avatar or custom AI actor?

A Colossyan custom avatar is the creation of a hyper-realistic digital version of a person of your choice. It is created by training the algorithm on real footage. The custom avatar will be added to your Colossyan Creator actor library and can be used in AI videos generated by simply typing in a script.

Who can be a custom avatar?

Anyone can be a custom avatar as long as they have given their explicit consent. To create the avatar, we must film some real footage using a specialized script that covers all possible sounds and movements. Therefore, it is only possible to make an avatar of someone who consents to a filming session.

How long does making a custom avatar take?

Creating a custom synthetic avatar with Colossyan involves a short filming session of 20 minutes. Once we have the footage, it can take up a week for us to create your custom AI avatar and deploy it to your Colossyan Creator actor library.

Does the custom avatar have my voice?

It is your choice! You can use one of the voices from our selection for your avatar or we can add your real voice. We also support integration with Descript's Overdub, so you can integrate your own voice from there. Adding your custom voice will require the recording of you reading a variety of sentences, mapping and cloning the sounds, and using our AI algorithm to create a voice model for you.

How much does it cost to have my own avatar?

Our listing price to get your own avatar is 1.000$.

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