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77% of users watch explainer videos to the end… compared with just 20% of readers reaching the end of a blog post.

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With Colossyan, you can create AI-generated explainer videos with real-life presenters to:

Showcase a product


Demonstrate new features


Explain your service


Communicate company protocols


Simply choose your actor, type in a script, add media, and generate your studio-quality AI explainer video in minutes!

Increase sales

Our AI video generator can help you communicate products to your target audience in a simple, engaging way. When viewers understand the benefits of a product or service and how it solves their problem, they are moved to buy. In fact, a large majority of customers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by online video content.

64% of business owners found that explainer videos increased their sales.

Make a human connection

It’s proven that the brain has dedicated neural circuits that respond only to faces.

Making an emotive, human connection through video instead of text is time and again reported to have more impactful results.

Many of our clients have tried video making with animation using sites like Toonly in the past. However, deep connection is built from facial, body, and language cues. Clients reported that creating videos with real video presenters with Colossyan generated a superior ROI.

You can personalize your message even further by creating a custom synthetic actor. Now you or a company member can star in your explainer videos.

Boost SEO

Users typically spend 15 seconds on a web page.

But video content, particularly explainer videos, can often boost watching time to between one and two minutes. It is no wonder successful companies like Google are adding explainer content to the top of their web pages. If you can get viewers to stay longer on your web pages, it will work miracles with the algorithms.

Search engines can’t understand video. Adding text or subtitles with Colossyan’s easy subtitling feature also instantly boosts your on-page SEO.

Reach global audiences

AI videos can take your product, service, or message worldwide. Create content in 70+ languages at the click of a button.

With technology, the internet, and global shipping, many companies now have global audiences as well as offices. With Colossyan, now you can create tailored content for an ever-growing list of countries. Scaling up and conquering new target markets has never been easier.

Update inreal-time

Products and services are constantly evolving.

Although 72% of customers prefer watching videos on products to reading a text, many businesses are reluctant to spend time and money making video content that could quickly become outdated. With Colossyan you can make updates to your video any time you like straight through the platform — without the price tag.

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