Feb 6

Our $22M Series A raise, and what's next for Colossyan

Dominik Kovacs

Dear Colossyan Community,

I'm Dominik, the CEO and Founder of Colossyan, and I'm happy to share that we have raised $22 million in Series A funding to invest in important new developments for our AI video platform. 

Our journey so far has been remarkable, with a 600% growth last year alone. We now help thousands of companies including Novartis, Vodafone, and Paramount change the way they create training videos. Customers regularly save up to 90% of their costs, while producing videos 80% faster and we're just getting started.

“The ease of content update and cost savings are remarkable.” Kristin Broadhead, Director of Learning & Development at Sonesta

What's coming next?

Supported by our new investor Lakestar (known for their collaborations with leading companies such as Revolut and Spotify) along with our current backers Launchub, Day One Capital, and Emerge Education we're set to deliver even more value.

Team Expansion

We're growing our product, customer success, and community teams to accelerate our development efforts even further and continue providing unparalleled support.

Enhanced Core Features

We're significantly boosting our investment in essential functionalities, including Gestures (enabling directed hand and body movements for avatars), Editor 3.0 (which will greatly enhance the editing experience, making content creation easier than ever), and taking our advanced lip-sync technology to the next level.

Interactive Learning

Our upcoming features are designed to weave interactivity and active learner participation into our platform. With the introduction of interactive quizzes and adaptive learning paths, we aim to make the educational journey not only more engaging but also more effective.

Introducing Knowledge Checks to gauge learner comprehension and identify learning gaps.

We're committed to enhancing the Colossyan platform, making it not just a tool for video creation but a comprehensive solution for interactive and engaging learning experiences. 

Thank you for your continued trust and support – and in case you’re new to Colossyan, go ahead and check it out!

Warm regards,

Dominik Mate Kovacs
CEO & Founder,

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