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For individual content creators
10 min
20 min
1 editor, unlimited viewers
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With a yearly plan, get all minutes upfront; use them as needed.
1 custom voice
Create videos with your own voice, cloned in just 5 minutes using your microphone.
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Starter plan includes:
AI script assistant
Refine your language, adjust your tone, and more using our custom GPT integration.
Prompt to video
Create whole videos with a single text prompt.
No watermark & full video rights
Remove the Colossyan branded overlay. Gain complete ownership of your videos, free to use or distribute without any limitations.
3 auto-translations monthly
Previews are unlimited. Each video generated in a new language variant counts as one translation. You will get 3 translations every month.
Hand gestures
Use hand gestures with select AI avatars.
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Interactive video
Add multiple-choice questions to your videos.
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Custom pricing
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For companies scaling video creation
Unlimited editors
Unlimited minutes
Custom studio avatar & voice
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Everything in Pro plus:
20+ premium avatars
Enhance your videos by selecting from over 20 additional premium AI avatars.
Customer success manager
G2 has recognized Colossyan with awards for "Best Support" & "Easiest To Do Business With" for Enterprise.
Unlimited avatar conversations
Create Scenario-Based Training videos with Colossyan's unique support of multiple avatars per scene.
SCORM export
Export videos as SCORM 1.2 files and track video completion rates.
Collaboration features
Enhance team-based video production shared workspaces, team permissions, team templates, brand kits, and more.
Enterprise security
SAML/SSO: Boost security through centralized authentication.
Unlimited auto-translations
Create unlimited translations automatically every month for both scripts and scenes. This is a feature unique to Colossyan.
Brand kit
Keep videos consistent and save time as you scale video production.
4k video
Export video at the maximum possible resolution
and more...

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Video minutes
Video minutes are calculated based on generated videos only.
5 total
Up to 20 mins/month
Up to 90 mins/month
Custom (unlimited)
Max scenes per video
Your videos are split into scenes (similar to slides in presentations) to organize your content.
5 scenes
15 scenes
25 scenes
Number of seats
How many users can access the same workspace.
Stock AI avatars
Premium AI avatars, perfect as presenters for your Colossyan videos.
All avatars
All Starter avatars
All non-enterprise avatars
All avatars
Languages and voices
Create videos in 70+ languages and accents
70+ languages and voices
70+ languages and voices
70+ languages and voices
70+ languages and voices
Previews are unlimited. Each video generated in a new language variant counts as one translation.
3 translations
3 translations
10 translations
Brand kit (custom colors, fonts, logos)
Keep your company's branding consistent by defining colors, fonts, and logos to use across videos.
Remove Colossyan watermark
Remove the Colossyan branded overlay from your videos.
Side-view avatars
Videos with avatar conversations
Up to 4 avatars max per scene. Plans are limited based how many videos with multiple avatars are generated.
3 videos/month
3 videos/month
15 videos/month
Full commercial license
Enjoy full rights to all the videos you create - no attribution required.
Use the Colossyan API and easily integrate our service into any technology stack.
Branded templates
Access to a team that will create and or edit videos to your brand.
Support & Security
Live chat
Get help during working hours with in-app live chat
Learn how to better use Colossyan with our library of support articles.
24/7 on-call support
Receive rapid response support around the clock.
Dedicated customer
success manager
Ensure you hit your goals with hand-on support and assistance
Video creation support
Collaborate with our video creation specialists to enhance your capacity.
Dedicated data center
Enhance security and adaptability with your dedicated private server.
Boost security through centralized authentication.
AI tools
AI script assistant
Write your scripts faster with our GPT integration
Generate videos from a single prompt
AI image generator
Create your perfect imagery with our DALL-E integration
Custom avatars - Lite
Easy to create Avatar with restricted framings.
Custom avatars - Studio
Highest-quality avatar with all framings.
Voice cloning
Let avatars communicate using your voice.
Voice upload
Upload prerecorded audio to the videos.
Pronouciation dictionary
Create custom pronunciations.
5 entries
5 entries
30 entries
Collaboration & Publishing
Shared workspaces
Work with your team in the same environment.
SCORM export
Team permissions
Control specific access rights and privileges for team members.
Save your own team templates
Set standard templates to keep your videos consistent and speed up production.
Share video drafts
Share preliminary versions of videos projects with collaborators, stakeholders, or clients.
Share page
Dedicated URLs where users can access videos you have created.
Custom share page
Share your video with your own branding.
HTML embedding
Easiy insert your video onto a webpage content management system.
Video download resolution
Video download resolution determines a video's clarity, with higher resolutions being sharper but larger in size.
Full HD (1080p)
Full HD (1080p)
Ultra HD (4k)
Aspect ratio 16:9, 9:16 and 1:1
Use custom aspect ratios to create videos for desktop view, mobile view, square and more.
In-app screen recording
Record your screen straight from Colossyan Creator.
Icon library
Elevate your visual storytelling with a vast collection of professionally crafted icons.
Stock images and videos
Make use of our extensive stock image and video library.
Upload your own images and videos
Personlize your videos by adding your own images and videos.
Video subtitles
Add subtitles to your video with the click of a button.
Video hosting/storage
No need for external video hosting platforms: host and share your Colossyan videos on our platform.
Import PPT, PDF
Create engaging videos from imported PPTs & PDFs.
Video templates
Use pre-made professional video templates to save time.
$336 billed yearly
$1152 billed yearly
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Frequently asked

Can I cancel my monthly plan at any time?

Yes, monthly plans can be canceled at any time.

How long can my videos be?

We recommend keeping your Colossyan videos under 30 minutes long for an optimal generation experience.

Can I cancel my yearly plan at any time?

Yes, but please note yearly plans are paid upfront for the entire year, so you won’t be refunded for the unused months. 

How do you calculate pricing?

Our pricing is based on video generation minutes and access to premium features. See the comparison table above for details.

Am I charged per minute?

You are charged based on your plan, which has an allowance of minutes.

Which plan can I create a custom avatar on?

You can create your very own custom AI avatar on any active plan!

Where can I see the AI avatars you have available?

You can see a selection on the AI avatars page or check them out in-product on a trial.

Do my unused minutes carry over to the next month?

No. If you are under your video minute limit at the end of a billing period, the unused minutes do not roll over to the next billing period.

Can I purchase additional minutes on my monthly or yearly plan?

Unfortunately there is no way to purchase additional minutes. To be able to generate more videos, simply choose the next subscription up from your current one.

What is the difference between drafts and generated videos?

You can go back and edit your draft videos at any time, whereas generated videos are the final rendered version of your drafts. These cannot be edited without first editing the draft and generating a new video.

Do my drafts count towards my minute allowance?

No! You can create as many drafts as you like. Only generated videos count towards your allowance. 

If I pay for a yearly subscription, will I receive my entire minute allowance for the year?


Can I go over my minutes allowance?

No, it’s not possible to go over your allowance - you will have to upgrade to a more generous plan.

What happens to my account after the 14 day trial? 

Your account will automatically convert to the free plan.

Can I pause my plan? 

Yes, simply reach out to us in the chat! You can pause your account for up to 2 months for free. 

If I delete my generated videos, do I get my minutes back?

No, deleting generated videos will not result in a credit of minutes to your allowance.

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We’ve cut the time to produce a video by 50% and are happier with the result

Colossyan Creator allows our instructional technology team to improve  learner experience with their AI video generator, making the learning experience much more engaging. We are able to create custom learning modules using video rather than having learners read large amounts of text.

Derella Miller
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Developer at QAQF
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4,8 average g2 rating

Colossyan saves us time, money, and helps us produce better videos

Having taught in the traditional way (in classrooms) for over 18 years I bear witness to the shift we are making to offering our services via online platforms. Colossyan’s AI video generator initiative offers a way to enhance the online teaching and learning experience by providing flexible, engaging, AI video.

Malissa Lewis-Francis
Lecturer and Programme
Developer at QAQF
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4,8 average g2 rating

Highly recommend Colossyan to anyone looking to streamline their training programs

The AI technology they've built into their software is truly cutting-edge and has significantly improved our new hire training program productivity. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making navigating through the various features easy.

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