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Effortlessly showcase your company’s brand identity with this dynamic brand guidelines template.

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Intro and outro slides with placeholders for your company’s logo and CTA 
Different customizable layouts on each slide
Professionally designed graphics to help you visualize your ideas
Pre-selected and editable transitions, actors and voices
200+ voices in 70+ languages

How to use

Choose your template.

Click “Use template” next to any template you like.

Customize your content.

Edit the video’s script and slides to match your content. You can also add your company’s logo, as well as replace any of the visual assets on the slides. All of our templates are fully customizable.
Tip: If you’re on the Enterprise plan, you can even apply your Brand Kit colors to the template by clicking on “Add new scene”, and changing the style to your Brand Kit.

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What are templates?

Templates are designed, fully customizable videos, which you can use and edit to match your subject. Templates are here to help you speed up your process, so that you won’t have to start your video from scratch. 

Can I use these templates for my video?

Absolutely! All the templates are made to help our creators with video production, and you’re welcome to use any of them for your videos.  

How do I use a template?

Click “Use template” next to the template you like. Next, edit the slides and text to match your subject. You can add your company logo, replace some graphics, or even keep the template as it is — the choice is yours. When you’re happy with the result, preview and generate your video. All done! We’ve also prepared a short article in case you need more guidance on how to use our templates.

Can I change how my template looks?

Yes. You can click on any elements on your slides to change or replace them, as well as the script, actors and transitions. You can also add any new assets to the slides — the freedom is yours. 

I don’t see a template that matches my subject. 

Our library of templates is constantly growing, but you can easily customize any existing template to match your subject. If you have any ideas for more templates,  we’re happy to get your feedback. 

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