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Interactive video chatbots provide a new horizon in communication. Video chatbots are easy to set up with Colossyan.

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The future of communication: video chatbots

Real time, artificial intelligence driven video chatbots provide a new horizon in communication with website visitors, customers or employees. Interactive video chatbots are easy to set up and implement to any website. Colossyan's human chatbots are based on artificial agents, who are all based on a real person.

Synthetic video is revolutionizing the video industry, by making it faster and easier than ever to create content. The uncanny valley between real and synthetic is growing wider, but feat not, video chatbots are far from being intrusive bots or something from a Black Mirror episode.

Type of chatbots: Basic AI videobot: Consider video chatbots or ai videobots as a way to navigate a website and guide visitors to main conversion points.

Product walkthrough videos: Create and update product walkthrough videos without the hassle by using Colossyan's synthetic video creator.

Personalized Customer Success: Use video to drive product adoption. Now you can personalize your communications with every single user to drive product adoption and increase loyalty.

It's estimated that nearly a quarter of the world’s population was using chatbots by the end of 2019.

How do chatbots work

You might have heard and even interacted with text bots, they can be even integrated into Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. These can be built on different conversational workflows to lead a discussion just like a real conversation. These sort of chatbots are also driven by AI technology, provide a great user experience and effective help for the user, inside an app or website. These video chatbots can support sales or even provide medical diagnosis. 

Video chatbots are far from being complex chatbots. They are just as easy to build with Colossyan as any other type of a chatbot, or even simpler. The final result will be based on the same chatbot flow and basic steps as text chatbots. In the end, a video chatbot is a combination of short video segments with the common features you have seen in text chatbots.

If you are an established company or just a tech-savvy freelancer, you are at the best place to start with a free trial and create your first video chatbot.We will support you with AI technology to place a real person in your interactive videos You will engage your customers, improve your brand image, and impress your website visitors, and provide a great experience overall.

Bank systems will automate up to 90% of customer interactions using chatbots by the end of 2022

How to get started

How to launch chatbots, first option:

Sign up to Colossyan, you can take it for a test drive by signing up for a free trial.

1. First, prepare your videos. Depending on your specific use case, determine the technical specifications and  good practices in your industry. We recommend between up to 10 separate videos, depending on difficulty. Keep the scripts as short as possible, around 30 seconds each. 

2. Generate your videos in Colossyan Creator with our real actors who will be the artificial agents or conversational agents in your real time video chatbot.  First finish all the videos you need, then head over to Tolstoy.

3. On Tolstoy and create a new Tolstoy. Then choose “Make my own” and "Upload a video" option. Upload your Colossyan video. You can add overlay text, and decide how people should "answer" the particular step.

4. Create more steps in Tolstoy until you have created a personalized conversation flow.

5. Then you're ready to share your Tolstoy. You can embed on your website, as a pop up widget, or in an email campaign.

6. Track interactions in the Tolstoy dashboard to monitor progress and optimize the journey.As easy as that, your first chatbot driven by artificial intelligence is finished. Your options are endless, are you creating live agent for an online webshop, a video banking app , a storytelling app? It does not matter. Your new video chatbot will be able to lead a real conversation, real time with interactive video segments, to impress website visitors  boost brand image  and provide a great experience for all your clients. Start your free trial now!If you want to find other software applications for Colossyan's synthetic technology, visit our homepage. 

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