Create Research-Backed AI Video Training Using "Mayer's 15 Principles"

15 Principles of Multimedia Learning provides a useful framework for creating successful learning experiences.

Wednesday, May 17
4:00 - 5:00 PM
David Gillham
Lead Learning Experience Designer
Catherine Dartnall
Senior Learning Designer

About the webinar

To ensure that your training video, PowerPoint presentation, or eLearning course is an effective learning resource, it's important to avoid spending hundreds of hours only to have your audience find it confusing and uninteresting.

What You’ll Learn

One way to create effective multimedia learning experiences is to follow learning researcher Richard Mayer's theory of 15 Principles of Multimedia Learning. These principles serve as guidelines as you develop your digital learning experiences such as learning videos, eLearning courses, and instructor-led PowerPoint presentations.In this presentation, we will go over these principles and take you through a worked example using Colossyan, the AI Video Platform for Workplace Learning.We will cover:

📚 What Mayer's Principles are  

🧪 An outline of our experiment comparing traditional video and AI Video

💬  The implications of these principles for understanding use cases for AI video

This webinar is a live interactive session, and we encourage our audience to ask questions and participate in a discussion.

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