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Jun 12

Colossyan and Tolstoy! A brilliant collaboration

Colossyan Creator

AI is amazing, no doubt about it. But how does one go about implementing AI and actually use it in day to day activities? Are you a content creator for a webshop, an e-commerce business owner or manager at a larger company, or are you just looking to innovate and discover? Look no further, we got you covered!

Colossyan meets Tolstoy! Boom!

Colossyan, the is the go-to solution for everyone looking for high-quality synthetic video content and Tolstoy the one and only interactive video creator tool meets to deliver the interactive video content, easier than you ever thought possible — a match made in synthetic heaven. If a desperate friend asks you, wiping his/her tears: “How can I save money and time creating interactive videos?”  You have the answer, that’s right: Colossyan + Tolstoy. Let us make it easy on you, just follow these steps to make your first interactive AI generate video chatbot:

How to start: 

  1. Set up your Tolstoy account: Tolstoy allows you to build personalized, one-on-one interactive conversations on your website, send in email campaigns, inside your SaaS platform, and much more. 
  2. Sign up for Colossyan. With Colossyan you can generate synthetic, studio-quality videos with AI actors.

How to use Colossyan Creator?

  1. Pick an actor: Choose an actor from our ever-growing international selection. We also offer exclusive actors and face/voice cloning.
  2. Write script: Input your script for the actor to read. Our text-to-speech software supports more than 60 languages and accents.
  3. Generate video: This is where the magic happens! In just a few minutes, Colossyan generates your video that is ready to watch and share.

Further guidelines follow the guidelines on this video:

How to use Colossyan and Tolstoy together: 

1. First, prepare your videos. Depending on your use case, determine how many videos you’ll want to use. To make the video more dynamic, keep the scripts as short as possible, around 30 seconds each. 

2. Go to Colossyan Creator, and generate your videos. For extra help on best practices, check out Colossyan’s Youtube for tutorials. 

3. Next, head over to Tolstoy and create a new Tolstoy. Then choose “Make my own” and "Upload a video" option. Upload your Colossyan video. You can add overlay text, and decide how people should "answer" the particular step. Click save, and you have your first "step"!

4. Create more steps in Tolstoy until you have created a personalized conversation flow. 

5. Then you're ready to share your Tolstoy. You can embed on your website, as a pop up widget, or in an email campaign. 

6. Track interactions in the Tolstoy dashboard to monitor progress and optimize the journey. 

Now you are a total pro creating interactive videos

Even if you have never made a video in your life, now you can create a professional and interactive video in just a few minutes. You can use your interactive videos for marketing, sales, or even for training. These platforms offer you a time-saving option to engage with your audience. 

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