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Jul 14

Personalize your chatbots with Colossyan and VideoAsk

Colossyan Creator

Want to make your website even more interactive? We’ve got two apps that make it easy for you. First - Colossyan, the go-to solution for anyone looking for high-quality synthetic video content. And second - VideoAsk, a web app that lets you ask your audience questions and receive answers, face-to-face.

Look how easy it is to set up. Just follow these steps to make your first interactive AI-generated video chatbot. 

How to set up your first video chatbot in just a few simple steps:

What do you need: 

  • Colossyan account: With Colossyan create studio-quality videos with AI actors for your chatbot flow. Sign up quickly here.
  • VideoAsk account: VideoAsk is a platform for hosting chatbot-style video widgets. here you can create your Video Ask account here. Upload your Colossyan-generated video to VideoAsk.

Build a chatbot the human way

Build a voice-driven chatbot with personality, powered by AI technology. Use it for all your conversational workflows. Get face-to-face with your prospects, customers, or audience through asynchronous video.

This way you can:

  • Add a personal touch to your website 
  • Boost your customers’ experience 
  • Engage with your audience
  • Get better feedback from clients 
  • Answer questions when you’re not there

How to set it up

Let’s start with Colossyan-related set up: 

  • First, start planning your video chatbot. You can do this on a piece of paper, or with online application like Miro. Gather the questions and answers you want to use for the video.
  • Prepare the video script. You will need about 5-6 separate videos for your chatbot. Try putting together shorter videos as each clip can’t be longer than 30 seconds.
  • Start creating your videos in Colossyan Creator. Some tips for best results: because VideoAsk widget shows videos in portrait mode, it’s best to select the 9:16 scene size. To do this pick an actor, go to settings, and choose the right format.  Pick or upload a background image or video, add music and once you’re happy with the final result genareta your video. Then it’s time to work with the flow in VideoAsk. 

A quick guide how to start with Colossyan Creator:

Now set up VideoAsk:

  1. Go to VideoAsk and create a new VideoAsk. Select the “Upload a video” option. Now you can upload your video from Colossyan. You can add text and decide which questions to use as options. Multiple choice answers are a good way to go. 
  2. Now it’s time to customize your VideoAsk. Give it a name, select the language, choose your colors, the style of the widget and you're ready to share! 

Now you can breathe life into your chatbots with personalized videos and AI actors.

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