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How QAQF used Colossyan to scale their video production for effective medical training

Colossyan & QAQF

About QAQF

Shares the same philanthropical ideologies of education with many governmental, non- governmental agencies, private institutions, other distinguished educational and training establishments from all corners of our global societies. That is, QAQF aims at bringing sustainable education that would polish the lives of young individuals and curious learners to become fulfil and happy.

The Challenge

To support its training and certification processes QAQF works with a lot of video content. Targeting a large and diverse international audience, videos need to be high-quality, informative and easy-to-follow. QAQF trains thousands of nurses every year, therefore they were looking for a solution to sustainably scale their video production process.

This form of content, however, requires a lot of input both in time and work, and costs associated with the creation of one minute of video can easily exceed thousands of dollars. To remain competitive against other providers, expand to new markets and attract new nurses seeking certification, QAQF has to scale their video production effectively.

The Solution

QAQF started using Colossyan Creator to maximize its video creation efforts. After adding Creator to their workflow. Content production became simple. Creator allows the learning design  team to produce, edit and re-edit videos in a scalable way, focusing on the specific segment learners, by localizing content, adjusting for accents or languages.

Premium Colossyan Actor.

The premium selection  of Colossyan enterprise actors and the possibility for custom actor creation enables QAQF to ‘employ’ actors who represent the QAQF brand to the fullest in the most authentic form.

About Colossyan from Malissa Lewis-Francis, Lecturer and Programme Developer:

‘Having taught in the traditional way (in classrooms) for over 18 years I bear witness to the shift we are making to offering our services via online platforms. Colossyan’s initiative offers a way to enhance the online teaching and learning experience by providing flexible, engaging, bespoke resources. I have just created my first video presentation; with an Avatar presenter; this was very straightforward due to the user-friendly interface. I look forward to hearing what our students think.’

To keep content fresh and relevant, course creators do not need to re-record anything. Just by adjusting the draft scrips and uploading new media elements, the team can quickly and efficiently update the course book.

Micro-learning  videos or even hour-long training videos are equally simple to produce at consistent quality and on-brand with Colossyan Creator.

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