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May 30

How the Evolution of AI is Revolutionizing the Learning and Development Sector

Team Colossyan

AI technologies are being harnessed more than ever across a variety of sectors, learning and development is no different.

Using artificial intelligence to synthesise videos is a subject on an exponential curve drawing more and more interest as a multitude of companies and people discover the opportunity to reduce costs and lead time of video production. AI videos are about to revolutionize L&D, eLearning, and video training.

The main reason is that AI successfully addresses deep-rooted struggles and specific challenges around educating and teaching with video, quickly establishing itself as a key tool in eLearning.

We are at the forefront of this, Colossyan is shaping the new the way to training employees and individuals. No company can ignore these developments, and you are at the right place to be one of the first ones using this amazing tech.

The modernization of training methods

The education sector is evolving, artificial intelligence and machine learning is here to stay and make the job of L&D content developers a lot easier. The work of content creators and marketers can be reduced by as much as 80% with this technological revolution and content can be developed much faster.

Colossyan's technology allows users to synthetically generate and produce instructional videos presented by AI/synthetic actors, all through one intuitive platform. Using videos with faces/human presenters enhances the overall learning experience and increases both engagement and retention of information.

The AI software means videos are much easier to produce. No more expensive filming studios, equipment, overhead costs, or actor recruitment. Colossyan Creator has a library of life-like characters and avatars to select from to create content using just a script.

You can choose from:

  • A range characters
  • Diverse looks and dressing styles
  • Various ethnicities
  • Different ages and sexes

An educational video for children will have much more impact if it is presented by someone with looks and mannerisms they can relate to.

Secondly, AI allows the adoption of your training videos into multiple languages. From English to Arabic, Colossyan has over 70 languages to choose from for your video. You can get through your message to virtually anyone in the world regardless of the language the speak.

Finally, AI has the power to make videos for teaching purposes easier to understand for individual targets. Artificial intelligence can adapt intonation, accent, enunciation, voice speed, and more depending on where the viewer is from, their prior knowledge, etc. Indeed, the method used by Colossyan offers a unique balance between humans and machines. The videos are presented by actors whose voices and movements are mapped and synthetically recreated. Human actors create a personal connection with the viewer, acting as a bridge that makes artificial intelligence relatable. Training is becoming easier with this modernization of artificial intelligence.

Teaching in a few figures

Studies in the field of training show that on average people understand teachings through video nine times faster than in a written format or presented in person. Indeed, understanding a message is much easier when it appeals to several of our senses.

Watching a video involves both hearing and seeing, which is why it is so effective. It takes about five to ten minutes to produce a video with artificial intelligence. Compared to traditional video production with a studio and actors, AI can reduce video creation times by 90%! AI can save most of your cots and energy to focus on what's important and in addition guarantees you quality content.

Today, thousands of companies are adapting or have already adapted AI training because of its huge advantages, are you ready to be part of the trend?!



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