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Mar 1

How Higher Ed Partners successfully enhances their educational content with AI video

Colossyan Creator & Higher Ed Partners

About Higher Ed Partners UK

Higher Ed Partners Limited helps universities in Europe, Middle East and North Africa expand access to their high-quality degrees and short learning programmes through the online delivery of instruction. They help institutions sustainably grow their online enrolment and revenue at scale.

HEP is part of a global family of dynamic and market-leading online programme management organizations, collectively partnering with more than 100 academic institutions on four continents and helping hundreds of thousands of students worldwide attain their educational goals.

The Challenge

HEP’s mission is to improve the lives of people, in the UK and across the EMENA region by providing access to affordably priced online education of an exceptional standard that can be studied from anywhere and at any time completely removing the traditional barriers to studying.

The HEP Academic Services team supports university’s academic staff and instructional design teams with evidence-based best practices in online teaching and learning, guidance around strategic programme planning, and ongoing professional development and training opportunities.

Based upon needs analysis and in collaboration with programme leaders, the team guides online programme design and planning, assists in module mapping and development, module delivery, quality reviews, and utilization and deployment of learning tools and technologies, all with the clear aim of ensuring the best possible student experience and student outcomes.

HEP’s approach is entirely tailored to the needs of each partner and is built around the principle of scalability. It is further focused on capacity building, equipping the academic teams at the university with the knowledge, tools and resources to help them design and deliver successful online programmes in a virtual learning environment. 

A key component of the online learning programmes developed by HEP is video content. Production of high-quality presentation videos, however, is pricey. It requires significant time and effort to design, produce and edit such content. 

The Solution

With the help of Colossyan, Jeremy Boucher, Director of Academic Services at HEP, managed to scale the company’s video production and provide access to high-quality presentation videos.  Using Colossyan Creator saves a huge amount of time in preparation and post-production of video content. With the adoption of this new way of content creation process, HEP saves on massive production costs, while maintaining the high-quality of content thanks to Colossyan.

Jeremy notes:

I have found the Colossyan team to be extremely responsive and helpful, and appreciate their engagement with customers through various channels. I am very impressed with their product focus and their innovation. They are a dynamic and rapidly developing company. The online studio is simple to engage with and use, and the outputs are high quality and impactful.


By the use of Colossyan, Higher Ed Partners managed to scale the production of high quality presentation videos to support their clients from all over the world. They use videos generated with Colossyan Creator to support more than 100 academic institutions on four continents and help hundreds of thousands of students worldwide attain their educational goals.

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