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Feb 26

How to Get the Best Out of an AI Script Generator

David Gillham

Are you tired of writer's block and considering investing in an AI script generator as a solution?

Maybe you’ve already found one, but you’re struggling to see the results you’d imagined.

AI script generators are incredibly powerful and helpful tools for creating training videos, internal communications, and even short clips to support marketing and sales. But, like any tool, your result will only be as good as the work you put in and the process you follow for content generation.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the six-step process of using an AI script generator to maximize your impact and amplify your return on investment.

What is an AI script generator?

An AI script generator is a specialized tool that uses artificial intelligence to create and edit complete video scripts based on the prompts that you provide. 

For example, say you want to create a health and safety video to complement your new employee onboarding process. You’d provide your AI script assistant with prompts about your health and safety regulations, policies and controls you have in place, and your target audience. Then, you’d let the assistant generate a draft of the script.

From there, you can provide additional prompts in a conversational manner—like you would if speaking to a human scriptwriter—so that you or your AI engine can make edits to bring the script closer to the final product you have in mind.

Why choose an AI script generator over a traditional scriptwriter?

Opting for an AI software tool over consulting a human writer can, at times, feel a little unnatural. 

But using an AI script generator isn’t about replacing human writers. Rather, think of it as a tool that empowers you to become the best scriptwriter you can be.

No more writer’s block 

Writer’s block is a very real thing, but it’s something only humans experience.

While some may argue that writer’s block is really just the part of the process where ideas gestate in the mind before turning into words, the experience of staring at an endlessly blank page can be a huge roadblock for anyone looking to craft a video script.

AI script generators can be a great tool in solving this problem.

They might take a few seconds to figure out where to start, but you’ll see the script come through pretty quickly. You might even use your AI script assistant to generate some starting points and prompts, then take the reins from there.

Faster editing turnaround time 

One of the best things about AI tools for video creation is how fast they can turn around edits.

With a human scriptwriter, feedback and requests for changes need to be digested and processed, and it takes time to dive in and implement that feedback. This can be a huge task when the feedback extends to areas like tone of voice.

An AI writing tool, on the other hand, can jump straight from the scriptwriting process to the edits. And thanks to parallel processing, many of those edits can be completed simultaneously.

Nail grammar and tone guidelines 

Good scriptwriting experts have a knack for things like tone of voice, but they will never be perfect.

Anyone who has worked with content creators knows that it takes time to become familiar with a brand’s style and integrate that into one’s writing.

Even the best AI scriptwriter might take a couple of rounds of feedback or additional prompts to match up with your tone-of-voice expectations, but once you get that style locked in, all of the content you create will be completely aligned.

As such, AI script generators can be used as helpful tools for aligning with detailed tone and voice guidelines. Your AI scriptwriting assistant will keep an eye on the logistics while you attend to bigger-picture concerns.

Draft scripts in multiple languages 

The ability to write a script in English and then translate it automatically (for example, to French) is a huge plus for AI script generators.

Even a native speaker in both languages will need several hours to complete this task. But AI can do it in a matter of minutes (or even seconds).

Try out different script ideas and angles in parallel 

Not quite sure where you want the video to go, but you’ve got a few ideas you’d like to try out?

With AI content creation, you can process several ideas at once, compare the results, and then pursue the storyline or plot you like best.

Combine the best of both worlds 

While we’ve outlined some of the benefits of AI script generators over human writers, the truth is that it’s not necessarily a question of one or the other.

AI script assistants can be used simply to kickstart the creative process, such as brainstorming different approaches or styles.

You can also throw a finished script at your AI assistant to polish it up, or provide the meat of the script and ask it to create a smooth intro and conclusion.

What can AI script generators be used for? 

AI-powered tools for writing scripts have a number of use cases.

Here are four of our favorites:

Training and internal communications videos

An AI script generator is the perfect partner for creating high-quality video content to support internal communications, new employee onboarding, and ongoing training and development.

What’s even better is that you don’t need to start from scratch.

You can use your existing documents and training material as a prompt for your AI script generator to base the final script on.

Then, if your tool also has AI video generation functionality—like Colossyan—you can see how changes to the script look in the final video as you make them.


AI script generators can be used to generate storytelling scripts or prompts for you to expand on. This is particularly helpful if you want to shoot a short film but have more directing and filming experience than writing skills.

Marketing videos 

AI scriptwriters are an endless source of creativity for marketing campaigns, especially if you’re planning on creating video ads or posting native content on social media platforms (like publishing Reels on Instagram).

For instance, you might use your AI script generator to come up with a script to use as the basis for an animated explainer video. Or you can take your use of artificial intelligence to the next level and have one of Colossyan’s AI avatars present the video for you.

YouTube script generation

AI software can be an invaluable tool for YouTube video content creation.

If you’re competing with other YouTubers, you might even use existing material as source content for your AI script assistant, and give specific notes on how you’d like to differentiate. 

How to generate a script using AI 

Ready to dive into your first script using an AI video script generator? Follow these six straightforward steps.

Note: We’ll be showing you exactly how to do this in Colossyan. You can follow along by signing up for a free trial and checking out the built-in AI script assistant.

1. Start out with a topic and prompts 

The first step is to jump into the Script section and hit the spacebar to open up the AI chat interface.


Now, we can give our AI script generator a prompt: “Write a script for a short onboarding video that explains how to submit invoices to our company as a contract worker.”

2. Give your AI scriptwriter a clear objective 

Next, to help your AI scriptwriter get closer to the final product the first time around, let’s add a very clear objective:

“The goal of this video is to act both as an onboarding video for new contractors and a reference point for contractors to refresh their memory before the invoice each month. It should prevent unnecessary questions being posed to the accounts payable department.”

3. Add some examples if you have them 

Giving an AI script assistant source material to work from helps align expectations and improve the likelihood of the first draft being exactly what you’d envisioned—just like when working with a human writer.

You might, for instance, source examples from YouTube, link to some of your existing training material, or use an example provided by the AI script generation software.

Check out Colossyan’s examples here.

4. Provide direction on tone and style 

Here, you’ll want to provide some stylistic direction for the tone of the script.

If you don’t have a specific idea for tone of voice, you can generate an initial draft and then use that to understand what you do and don’t like.

For example, Colossyan includes quick prompts like “soften tone.”



Of course, you can also add your own prompts, like “Make it funnier” or “Go for a more formal and professional tone of voice.”

Now that you’ve generated an initial draft, you can start refining it to best suit your needs.

5. Edit to perfection 

It's time to edit and finalize the script.

You can do this manually by combing through the text and adding changes as you see fit.

Or, you can apply a more broad-stroke editing style by providing additional prompts to your AI engine.

For instance, if you find the script to be too long, you might ask it to shorten the text or to cut out a certain section.

6. Bring your AI-generated script to life 

At this point, your completed script is ready to go, and the video creation process is next.

But if you’re using a solution like Colossyan with built-in text-to-video capabilities, there’s an easy next step you could take advantage of.

Colossyan comes with ~100 AI avatars for creating high-quality content solely using AI, and more than 70 languages and accents to make sure your voiceovers connect with your target audience.

After generating the script, simply choose your favorite avatar.



Then, choose a background, add colors and media, and select transitions between your video's scenes.


Finally, a couple of clicks let you choose your output settings (we even offer videos in 4K).

And just like that, AI technology has created an entire training video for you from scratch.

Colossyan: More than an AI script generator 

AI script generators are powerful modern solutions for creating scripts for internal onboarding and training materials, YouTube videos, and marketing clips.

If you’re only generating scripts, though, you still have to shoot and edit the actual video.

But with Colossyan, our end-to-end AI video creation tool, you can generate a script from scratch, have a customized AI avatar present it, and edit it to your tastes with personalized branding, colors, and fonts.

We even have dozens of templates ready and waiting to help speed up the content creation process.

Unlock the full potential of AI video creation and quickly create scalable videos for your business.


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