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Aug 20

Colossyan 2.0: We’ve redesigned our creator from the ground up

Colossyan Creator

We’re pleased to announce our biggest rework yet…

Introducing Colossyan 2.0. The newest generation of your favourite video creator.

Colossyan 2.0 isn’t just a new coat of paint. We’ve worked on every part of the machine to provide a faster, more reliable experience for you. Plus we’ve laid everything out so that it just makes more sense. Here’s what you can expect:

A smoother experience

We’ve given our interface a complete redesign to make it more intuitive for users; a better menu bar with all the options so you don’t have to go searching for anything while you’re in editing mode. You’ll find that everything just flows better too.

Better, faster, stronger

We beefed up our backend to make video creation 200% faster. We wanted to make sure that generating your videos was super quick, so we got straight down to it. Enjoy improved stability so you can focus on what’s important - creating valuable video content to delight your users.

Rock-solid reliability

Expect more from your favourite video creation product. We’ve combed over the bugs and fixed the code to create a more reliable experience with improved stability. Nothing wonky here!

Get a better idea of what you’re creating

We’ve fine-tuned the video creator so you can see your scenes more easily, quickly add transitions, and preview what your video will look like. You’ll also be able to see an estimate of how long your video will be. How helpful!

We’re curious to see what you think of Colossyan 2.0!

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