How SmartUp encourages active learning with Colossyan's AI-powered videos

Colossyan & SmartUp

SmartUp is the simplest learning platform to build your digital academy and deliver engaging bite-sized courses.  Their easy-to-use content creation tool allows you to upload content in a range of formats so that you can create interactive micro-learning content quickly. 

For example you can add images, script and video to you learning content. For creating video content you can use Colossyan Creator. Colossyan is a new AI-powered video creation tool that is making it easier to putting together exceptional content. You can create studio-quality videos with AI actors without wasting time in the studio or money on camera equipment.

SmartUp Learning Platform

Today, we are going to show you how you can use Colossyan and SmartUp together, to create learning content easier and faster than ever. Follow the next steps and be ready to be a pro on creating your learning academy with SmartUp & Colossyan Creator.

How to use Colossyan Creator?

  • Choose an actor from our ever-growing international selection. Our advanced technology uses AI to create presenter videos of unparalleled quality in minutes.
  • Input your script for the actor to read. Our text-to-speech software supports more than 60 languages and accents.
  • This is where the magic happens! In just a few minutes, Colossyan generates your video that is ready to watch and share.
  • Any doubt follow our tutorial on YouTube.

How to use and Colossyan together: 

  • Go to, and start creating your new content. Add script, images, title or even video. 
  • It is easy to create your video content with Colossyan. Go to Colossyan Creator and Create studio-quality videos with AI actors using your new content from SmartUp. 
  • Simply click on the new project button. In the editor you can preview, and pick the actor who fits your video the best. Position your actor and add your script. Once you are ready, you can preview your video, and if you are happy with it push the generate button. In a couple of minutes your video is ready. 
  • You just need to import the video into the blog content.Within a few minutes, you have created a brand new content module, ready to be published in a channel. 
  • Now you have the power to engage with your content on social media.

Start creating videos now. With Colossyan Creator, create professional videos at scale, fast. Take the learning experience to the next level with SmartUp’s built-in leaderboards and rewards features to complement your program and boost learner engagement. Now you have the power to create engaging content on SmartUp.

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