Sep 4

Text-to-Video for Marketing Success: Elevating Your Sales Strategy

Daria Hudec

Staying ahead of the curve is critical in modern marketing. Video has recently emerged as a powerful (and essential) tool for businesses to connect with audiences, tell compelling stories, and boost sales.

However, creating high-quality videos traditionally demanded significant resources in terms of time, money, and expertise.

Enter text-to-video technology, a tool that's transforming the marketing landscape.

The Power of Video in Marketing

Video has become the darling of marketing strategies, and for good reason. It's engaging, memorable, and capable of conveying complex messages in a matter of seconds. Customers prefer it, and search engines reward it. 

There are hundreds of ways to employ video content into your marketing strategy. This could be anything from explainer videos (like this one from NEXT agency), product demos, or even interactive video chatbots

In a video marketing study, 87% of marketers said that videos helped increase their brand awareness and even boosted conversions. On the consumer side, 69% of people claimed that video testimonials or reviews helped them make the decision to purchase. It’s evident that video in marketing has the power to persuade more than words. And what better way to transform those words into video content with text-to-video.

Unlocking Marketing Potential with Text-to-Video

Producing professional videos isn't always a walk in the park. It usually involves lengthy production schedules, hiring actors, scripting, shooting, and post-production editing – not to mention the substantial budget required.

The marketers surveyed in a HubSpot study said they hadn’t begun their video marketing ventures for lack of time, strategy and content. On the other hand, they’ve also mentioned that it’s become easier over the last year to create videos in-house. This is, in part, thanks to the emergence of new AI tools as well as stock images and videos, and technology such as text-to-video. 

Colossyan, and other text-to-video platforms, allow marketers to create engaging videos from plain text, transforming written content into dynamic visual narratives. The result? A cost-effective and efficient way to harness the power of video without the headache of traditional production.

Instead of hiring actors, videographers and editors, businesses now have the possibility to maximize their marketing budgets by creating video content quickly and efficiently, without much margin of error. 

AI Avatars: Your Marketing Allies for Personalization

Have you considered using AI avatars in your video content? You may want to.

These digital personalities can bring your content to life more than an anonymous voiceover would. They’re the gateway to connection and storytelling. Imagine having an AI avatar as your video spokesperson, ready to deliver your message flawlessly, take your audience on a journey, or answer their questions. An AI avatar can do just that.

99% of marketers say that personalization helps advance customer relationships and an Epsilon study found that 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when a brand offers a personalized experience.

With AI avatars and text-to-video, you can personalize each video to your audience, choosing from a selection of voices, actors, and customization options that can ultimately help advance your sales strategy.

Make It Bite-Sized

With the introduction and increasing popularity of short-form video content that typically appears on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, attention spans are also becoming shorter. Incorporating features like text-to-speech can enhance engagement with this dynamic form of content.

This is something to take into account when producing video content for your business. Of course, the length of the video depends on the audience and platform where it’ll be featured, but creating easily digestible content can increase viewer engagement as well as knowledge retention.

Short-form content is attractive because it’s easy to consume - viewers don’t feel like they have to commit too much of their time to something short. It’s also much more effective to have a short explainer video of your product or service than having someone read about it.

Global Reach with Multilingual Videos

The power of multilingual videos can't be overstated. They enable businesses to connect with audiences worldwide, supporting a sense of inclusivity and engagement. 

Producing them, though, is another story. Traditionally, creating content aimed at speakers of other languages involved just as much work as the original. Translating or rewriting the script, hiring actors that speak the new language and of course, production and post-production.

With text-to-video technology, businesses can jumpstart their localization efforts and bypass this lengthy process altogether. With a variety of avatars to appeal to all types of audiences, you simply enter your script in another language, select the appropriate voice and voilà - you have a new video for a new market ready to go.

Colossyan’s platform has over 70 languages available, plus a variety of voices and accents. Another feature that sets them apart - automated translation. With the ability to translate your text scripts into 30 languages, Colossyan simplifies localization efforts and opens doors to global marketing strategies, regardless of the team’s linguistic capabilities. Talk about going global! 


In modern marketing, video content is a “need to have” and personalization is no longer a luxury - it’s a necessity. 

Text-to-video technology offers a unique blend of personalization, engagement, and visual storytelling that aligns perfectly with the demands of modern communication.

By embracing text-to-video, businesses can elevate their marketing and sales strategies, maximize their budgets, and unlock global opportunities. With Colossyan, it's not just about creating videos; it's about creating connections, reaching new markets, and making an impact in a multilingual world.

Ready to take the next step in your marketing journey? Sign up for a free trial of Colossyan today and experience the future of marketing success through text-to-video.

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