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Jun 30

How the State of New Mexico cut costs by 80% while transforming text into engaging videos

Colossyan & State of New Mexico
Colossyan Creator allows our instructional technology team to improve the learner experience through video, making the learning experience much more engaging. We are able to create custom learning modules using video rather than having learners read large amounts of text.”

About the State of New Mexico

State of New Mexico | Learning and Instructional Technology Manager
New Mexico is one of the Mountain States in the Southwestern United States. With a population of over two million, clear and transparent communication between state and citizens plays a role of utmost importance.

The Challenge

The State of New Mexico produces a lot of educational content, however mostly text-based. Watching video is the preferred way of the natives of the state to receive large amounts of information and follow instructional videos. Various topics need to be covered in these informative videos, including tax declaration and others.

Key problems

Video production is expensive and time consuming. The state has to provide more and more video content to engage the residents and support the steady flow of information. Education of the natives of New Mexico is much more efficient through custom created video modules with photorealistic and natural-sounding actors.

The Solution

The state’s instructional technology team can easily create hours of educational content for it’s residents covering various important topics, without the need to hire professional video editors, camera crew, studio or and supporting crew. They enjoy turning text or long PPT presentations into engaging videos with photorealistic and natural-sounding avatars to get professional looking and studio-quality videos.

“Colossyan Creator is an intuitive text-to-video generator that allows me to create a professional-looking video with a natural-sounding, speaking Avatar (that absolutely looks human in appearance) in minutes. I don't need to schedule an actor or a green room to produce a high-quality video. The process of generating a video is as easy as selecting an Avatar/Actor and typing the content. I can add music and a custom background to the video, resulting in a much more engaging learning experience. Colossyan Creator is cutting-edge and a game-changer!  

By all means, try out the free version of the application. I do highly recommend, however, that you try out the PRO Plan to truly learn about all of the cool features it offers. “


New Mexico is one of the first states to apply the benefits of synthetic videos and create exhaustive educational video modules for residents, reaching higher engagement, more transparency and next-level efficiency in communication.

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