How Digital Hunter revolutionizes communication with digital assistants

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David Gebauer
Technical Manager


Digital Hunter, renowned for their innovative marketing strategies, have been at the forefront of digital distribution and sales for over 20 years.

The challenge was to maintain this edge in an evolving digital landscape. The incorporation of Colossyan's AI video technology marked a pivotal shift, enabling Digital Hunter to produce dynamic, multilingual content with unprecedented efficiency.

Campaigns by Digital Hunter


Multilingual hotel check-in available 24/7, providing excellent and widely accessible customer service

Saving costs by using digital assistants, voiceovers & auto translation

Product explanation & Customer experience

Engaging digital customer service & product explanation for beer lovers

Comprehensive information and interactive functions

Digital Postcards for Tourists

Multilingual digital postcard-creating experience

Digital assistants automatically present interesting facts and background information about the attraction

Multilingual education

Job interview simulator


BMW (For the BMW press club)


Outdated traditional formats

Traditional content was becoming less engaging and increasingly perceived as outdated by the target audience.

Time-consuming production

The process of recording actors for various projects was not only time-consuming but also lacked the flexibility needed for dynamic content creation.

70+ Languages to translate

Multilingual content

Creating and managing content in different languages posed an additional challenge, complicating production and limiting reach.


By integrating Colossyan's AI video technology, Digital Hunter transformed their approach with:

Digital Assistants

Digital avatars became the cornerstone of Digital Hunter’s services, providing personalized and engaging content across various platforms.

AI-powered campaigns

Tailor-made campaigns for leading companies showcased the versatility and adaptability of AI in creating impactful marketing content.

Multilingual flexibility

The ability to effortlessly switch between languages opened up new markets and opportunities.


Cost efficiency

Implementing AI technology led to significant reductions in production costs, enabling Digital Hunter to redirect funds towards other aspects of their marketing initiatives.

Increased engagement

The introduction of digital assistants greatly enhanced audience interaction, making the content more relatable and engaging.


The adoption of Colossyan's AI solutions allowed for more efficient content production and management, scaling up to meet diverse client demands.