How ProMark use AI video to create
engaging product explainers

"The videos in our knowledge base now have the same look and feel, so we were able to strengthen our brand alignment while improving our customers' learning experience."

Réka Kiss
Digital Marketing Associate

Use case

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Réka Kiss
Digital Marketing Associate


ProMark, a leader in SaaS Workforce Management solutions, used to educate their customers and team members through PDFs.

They were looking to improve this experience through a more engaging and modern format, while also achieving greater brand recognition — and that’s when they found Colossyan.


“Our goal was to improve the internal and external learning experience.
We are a growing company, and it's really crucial for our new users and
team members to know how to use our product.”

— Reka Kiss, Digital Marketing Associate

Growing workforce

With the company growing, ProMark also needed an efficient way to upskill new employees about their product.

Engaging content

Before Colossyan, ProMark relied on screenshots and long PDFs, which weren't engaging enough.

Brand alignment

There was a need for a generalised approach to ensure all content was consistent with the company’s brand.


ProMark looked into Colossyan, recognizing its potential
to produce high-quality, consistent product demo videos.

Here's an overview of the process:


AI narration

By implementing AI avatars to narrate their product demonstrations, ProMark made their training content more engaging and easier to follow.



Promark utilized screen-recordings of their product within the training videos, making it easier to effectively upskill new employees.


Standardized content

Colossyan helped ProMark achieve a consistent style and structure in their videos, enhancing brand recognition and alignment.


ProMark started using Colossyan to create  content, and here is what they’ve achieved:

A better customer experience

ProMark were able to easily produce product teasers for new and potential customers, significantly improving the customer experience.

Brand consistency

Videos uniformly reflect the brand’s identity, strengthening brand alignment across all internal and external touchpoints.

An engaging knowledge base

By using AI technology, ProMark managed to populate their knowledge base with consistent and engaging onboarding materials.

We know that videos are way more enjoyable and a better way of learning. They improve the experience. They can also compress so much more information in shorter time.

Réka Kiss
Digital Marketing Associate


ProMark's use of Colossyan demonstrates the benefits 
of AI video technology in producing engaging and consistent video content.

Not only does this approach improve the customer experience, but it also strengthens brand alignment, making AI video an effective solution for businesses needing frequent product explainers and engaging knowledge bases.

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