How the Illinois Principals Association creates professional training 75% faster with AI video

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"The time saving factor and the productivity that our team has been able to pump out for our courses has been amazing.”

Arlin Peebles
Ed Leaders Network Director

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Vicki DeWitt
Professional Development Project Manager
Kathleen Barnhart
Content Specialist
Arlin Peebles
Ed Leaders Network Director


The Illinois Principals Association is dedicated to empowering educational leaders through professional development and advocacy.

Faced with the need to frequently create and update training materials for educators, they sought an effective solution that would help them move away from slow and expensive video production. Embracing their innovative spirit, the Illinois Principals Association turned to AI video technology, which offers the flexibility and efficiency required to meet rapidly evolving educational standards.


Time constraints

With traditional video production, it took the Illinois Principals Association
60 to 80 hours to produce a single training video.

High video production costs

The Illinois Principals Association had to spend about $100 for every minute of a video, covering both production and travel costs.


Finding a presenter

Finding presenters for their training videos was challenging, and not all educators were comfotable with being on camera.


By switching to Colossyan, the Illinois Principals Association transformed their training content development:

Time and cost savings

By eliminating traditional filming requirements, Colossyan reduced costs by 75% and cut production time by around 60 hours per video.

Easy video updates

The platform made it very easy to modify and update videos to keep training materials up-to-date without expensive reshoots.

Engaging AI presenters

The use of AI avatars as presenters removed the challenge of convincing subject matter experts to get in front of a camera.

It was easy to go in, create an actor with a voice, and get the course back up and running.  Faster than redoing the course, and bringing the person in again whenever we needed reshoots.

Kathleen Barnhart
Content Specialist


The Illinois Principals Association was able to achieve impressive results with Colossyan:

Time savings: 75%

Content production became faster, as the Illinois Principals Association would create their videos in Colossyan instead of recording them in a studio, and utilized the AI Writing Assistant.

Cost savings: 75%

Instead of spending around $100 for every minute of a video, all production costs were covered by a Colossyan license, making the Illinois Principals Association team way more efficient.

Increased productivity

The time and cost savings, along with the innovative AI presenters and flexible updates, boosted their efficiency in delivering engaging courses more rapidly and effectively.

One thing I want to say is that the people we work with on the support side are really good, and we very much appreciate that.

The partnership with Colossyan has redefined the Illinois Principals Association's approach to professional development, emphasizing innovation, cost-effectiveness and adaptability in training educators.

Vicki DeWitt
Professional Development Project Manager