How a digital avatar co-host transformed JRE’s 50th Anniversary Congress

“The digital avatar of our chef was so realistic that people didn’t realize it was AI. The audience was very impressed.”

Natalia Foronda Gonzalez
Marketing Communications Manager

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Natalia Foronda Gonzalez
Marketing Communications Manager


JRE, one of the most prestigious culinary organisations in the world, brings together restaurateurs and chefs, with 350 affiliated restaurants in 16 different countries.

When preparing for their 50th Anniversary Congress, JRE wanted to impress their audience with a creative concept that would reflect their innovative spirit, which led them to explore Colossyan’s digital avatars.


JRE had ambitious goals for their event’s marketing strategy, including:

Impressing their audience

Celebrating their 50th Anniversary, JRE knew that their event needed to be extraordinary and aimed to impress their audience during the congress.

Embracing innovation

One of JRE’s pillars is to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, which they wanted to reflect through their content.

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Efficient content creation

Organizing a significant event with limited capacity for content creation required a platform that could help them create professional and efficient content.


JRE recorded footage of one of the JRE members, Michelin Star Chef Massimiliano Mascia and sent it to Colossyan’s team to create a professional digital avatar. The benefits included:

Custom avatar creation

JRE recorded footage of their Michelin Star Chef Massimiliano Mascia and sent it to Colossyan’s team to create a professional digital avatar.

Fast and easy video editing

Once the avatar was ready, JRE’s team could easily create the event content using Colossyan’s intuitive video platform.

Multiple language support

Colossyan supports 70+ languages and 29+ languages for voice cloning, allowing JRE to capture the chef’s Italian accent and use his voice in other languages.

By leveraging advanced AI technologies, we discovered more efficient and impactful ways to engage with our audience. The superior user interface and intuitive design of Colossyan have streamlined our journey from concept to groundbreaking, modern communication methods.”

Gašper Puhan
Vice-President of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs


The celebration of JRE’s 50th Anniversary Congress was a massive success, with the digital avatar co-host helping JRE demonstrate their drive toward technology and innovation. Key outcomes included:


An innovative digital avatar

JRE created a professional digital avatar of their chef, who announced award winners at the event and added a new level of innovation to the celebration.


Positive feedback from the audience

The audience was very impressed with the event and the avatar, making this AI project a successful way of demonstrating JRE’s future-forward approach.


Further collaboration

JRE is now exploring more ways to leverage AI technology, including creating short-form videos with recipes and other relevant content.