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"Colossyan's AI technology and its translation capabilities have revolutionized our training processes, especially in a multi-lingual environment like ours."

Kristin Broadhead
Director of Learning & Development

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Kristin Broadhead
Director of Learning & Development


Sonesta International Hotels, a leader in the global hospitality sector, faced the challenge of efficiently creating and updating their diverse, multilingual training content.

In an industry where rapid changes demand frequent and costly reshoots, they sought a streamlined, cost-effective approach for multilingual training creation, which would ensure high employee engagement.


Adapting to a multi-lingual workforce

To uphold its high service standards, Sonesta required training materials in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese and Hindi.

Cost and time efficiency

Traditional video production methods were costly and time-consuming, especially considering the high turnover rate in the hospitality industry.

Adaptability and updates

In an industry where standards and procedures frequently evolve, the ability to swiftly update training content was crucial for maintaining service excellence.


The company adopted Colossyan, leveraging its AI video technology for efficient and versatile training content creation.

This decision led to significant improvements:

Automatic translation

Colossyan's automatic translation feature drastically reduced time and costs involved in creating multi-lingual training videos.

Cost-effective production

The AI-driven approach eliminated the need for film crews and actors, resulting in substantial cost savings of around 80%.

Flexible content modification

Updates to training materials became straightforward, addressing changes quickly without the need for extensive reshoots.


In a short period, the company experienced:

The collaboration with Colossyan marked a transformative phase for Sonesta, optimizing their training efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and engagement levels.

Substantial cost and time savings

Reduction in costs by 80% and time savings of about 50% in content production.

Improved engagement

Higher completion rates in courses featuring AI avatars compared to traditional methods.

Enhanced flexibility

Effortless updates to training content, even for minor changes.

The ease of content update and cost savings are remarkable.

Kristin Broadhead
Director of Learning & Development