How the State of New Mexico cut costs by 70% while transforming text into engaging videos

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"Colossyan has transformed the way we approach training in the state. Our employees are happier, engagement is through the roof, and the cost savings are impressive. It's a game-changer."

Derella Miller
Learning and Instructional Technology Manager

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Derella Miller
Learning and Instructional
Technology Manager


In this case study, we explore the State of New Mexico's journey towards modernizing its training initiatives using Colossyan's AI-powered video platform.

Discover how the state efficiently transformed extensive text-based content into engaging video modules, achieving substantial cost savings, boosting employee engagement, and revolutionizing its approach to training.


The State of New Mexico is responsible for educating over 300 businesses in the state, and needed to take into account the following challenges

Limited engagement with text-heavy content

The State of New Mexico faced a challenge in engaging its audience due to an excess of text-based content.

Cost and time barriers in video production

The state aimed to be highly cost-effective and produce a substantial volume of content within shorter timeframes, requiring a streamlined solution.

Localization of training content

Meeting the needs of both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking audiences necessitated efficient content localization processes to effectively convey information in both languages.


Colossyan's AI-powered platform addressed key challenges in the State of New Mexico, offering a solution highlighted by:


Efficient and cost-effective training

The platform enabled the State to efficiently convert extensive text-based content into engaging video modules, resulting in significant time and cost savings.


Enhanced learning

Colossyan Creator empowered instructional teams to create engaging learning modules through video, dramatically improving the learner experience.


Seamless support

Commitment to continuous support and collaboration underscored Colossyan's dedication to ensuring the state's success in its training initiatives.


Best avatars in the industry, Powepoint to video, Translation to Spanish

Colossyan Creator allows our instructional technology team to improve the learner experience through video, making the learning experience much more engaging.

We are able to create custom learning modules using video rather than having learners read large amounts of text.

Our people are so much happier the way we're moving forward with our courses

The avatars are so friendly and modern, people really relate to these personalities

Colossyan can deliver a video in half the time with a much friendlier overtone

Derella Miller
Learning and Instructional Technology Manager


The project's resounding success is evident in these compelling results

Cost savings


Reduced content creation expenses by approximately 70%

Time efficiency


Achieved a 50% reduction in video production time

Enhanced engagement

Learner satisfaction soared, leading to higher engagement and better learning outcomes

This case study showcases how Colossyan, chosen for its seamless collaboration and robust support, helped the State of New Mexico overcome training challenges, streamline content creation, and elevate the learning experience for employees and residents.

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