How Stellantis Financial Services
cut 70% of their production costs with AI video

Why Colossyan: Time saving & Ease of updating content

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"Before Colossyan, creating a short video took around 4 hours. Now, it's only an hour, and updating it is much easier.”

Steffen Hartung
Trainer & Business coach

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Steffen Hartung
Trainer & Business coach


Stellantis Financial Services offer specialized automotive financing and insurance services, and cater to a wide range of needs.

A crucial part of their service involves educating customers through clear, engaging content. Colossyan's technology provided an efficient solution for creating educational materials, aligning with their commitment to innovative customer service.


Educating customers

Informing customers about cars, leases, and insurance required clear and engaging educational materials.

Time constraints

The process of recording and preparing short educational videos was time-intensive, as one short video would take hours to produce.

Lack of flexibility

Changes to video content required complete reshoots, an inefficient and time-consuming process.


Stellantis Finance adopted Colossyan's
AI video capabilities for quick and effective creation and modification of explainer videos:

Text-to-video technology

Colossyan's platform eliminated the need for physical video recording, enabling direct creation on the platform.

Time savings

Video production time was reduced from 4 hours to just 1 hour, leading to a much faster production process.

Flexible content updates

The ability to easily update the videos meant that changes could be made effortlessly, without inefficient reshoots.


In a short period, the company experienced:

Faster production

Stellantis Finance are able to produce videos 75% faster than before.

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Enhanced flexibility

Video updates became simpler and more efficient, allowing for easy content modifications.

Cost savings

Without the need to record videos or hire  studios, creating videos became around 70% more cost-effective.

We chose Colossyan because we were impressed by their attitude. We appreciate how they were keen to understand what we do and work together, and we believe that with their solution, they are building the future.

Steffen Hartung
Trainer & Business coach