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Apr 30

Discover Over 100 Exciting AI Tools That Are Flying Under the Radar

David Gillham

As we experience a boom in the field of AI, many new and interesting applications are being developed every day 🪄. They range from business to deeply personal use cases, but the reasons why we use them are more or less the same: AI has evolved to the point where it can assist humans with repetitive tasks, reduce human error, and thus save operational costs and resources.

So, for the sake of this article (and our own curiosity), we delved into the bustling world of AI tools. Some we already knew, like AI video generators, copywriting tools, or AI tools for generating art. Others, we discovered anew 👀. We had no idea that AI can write code by itself, create Excel formulas based on text input, and generate lifelong AI companions, just like Spike Jonze predicted in the 2013 film Her.

AI Video Generators and Editors

Video is the most popular form of media in our day and age, and it's easy to see why. Watching videos is enjoyable and captivating, but creating them is a different story. It requires knowledge, skill, and the right tools, but with the help of AI, making videos has become much simpler and more cost-effective.

Colossyan Creator

Colossyan is revolutionizing the way businesses approach content video creation by streamlining the process with the Colossyan Creator platform. This powerful tool eliminates the need for specialized training or advanced skills, making professional video editing accessible to all. Simply input your text, and within minutes, you'll have a polished video available in over 70 languages. With features like PDF-to-video conversion, automated translations, customizable brand kits, a diverse range of actors, and an AI-driven script assistant, Colossyan offers a comprehensive solution for all your video content needs, making it the go-to platform for businesses across the globe.


Runway is an easy-to-use video editing software that doesn't require any technical skills or expensive software. You can create three projects for free and the most popular plan costs $12/editor/month.


Unscreen is an AI-based tool that helps you remove background from videos automatically. It is free with some limitations and if you need better quality results without a watermark, you can pay from $4.99/video minute.


VREW is a downloadable software that uses AI to generate captions from speech in your video. It allows you to style the captions with different fonts, borders, and shadows.


Descript is an AI video editor that lets you create professional-looking videos quickly. You can add a voiceover to your video with stock voices or clone your own. It offers a limited free plan.

Nova A.I.

Nova A.I is a video categorization and organization tool that uses AI to recognize and tag different elements in your videos. You can use it for free, while the most popular plan is $18/month.


Reface is a mobile app that uses face swap technology to swap faces with friends or celebrities or insert your face into a pre-made video. It also offers a number of filters, GIFs, and funny videos.

Topaz Video

Topaz Video AI is a desktop app that costs $199,99 and uses AI to enhance existing video footage. It can recover video details, blend frames, and create a nice visual flow.


Make-a-Video is Meta's latest AI system that enables users to create videos by typing in text. It is not available to the public yet, but it promises to be a great opportunity for content creators.


Aimages is a tool that can be used to enhance video and photo quality. You can sharpen blurry details, clear artifacts, and increase image resolution. It offers a pay-as-you-go plan or a subscription plan starting at $11/month.

AI Image and Art Generators and Editors

Are you looking to create art with the help of AI? Look no further! AI image and art generators and editors are becoming increasingly popular and accessible to everyone. With text-to-image technologies, you can create realistic images indistinguishable from real photos, or art in the style of a famous painter. Here’s a list of the most notable AI image generators out there right now: DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, GauGAN, The Next Rembrandt,, This Beach Does Not Exist, Imagen, Magic Eraser, Let’s Enhance, Playground AI, DreamStudio, Deep Dream Generator, Artbreeder, and Get creative and start creating!

Not too long ago, making art was the domain of a select few. But today, with the help of generative AI, anyone can become an artist by writing a text prompt and letting the AI create the desired image. 🎨🖌

But are text-to-image technologies replacing artists? The answer is no. Instead, AI-generated art opens up new, unprecedented possibilities for creative expression that are accessible to all. 

AI image generators are evolving rapidly; in the past year, major companies such as Google, Open AI, and Stability AI have launched new models. The internet has been flooded with AI-generated art, demonstrating its potential for various aspects of content creation.

But artificial intelligence image generators don’t just generate abstract and artistic content. The AI models are trained to also generate photorealistic images that are indistinguishable from real photos. 

Ready to start creating? Here’s a list of the most notable text-to-image generators out there right now:


The most recognizable of AI image generators is DALL-E 2. This text to image system by Open AI can create realistic images and art based on text input. It’s almost like magic; simply write what you want it to create and you get your image right away. An astronaut riding a horse in photorealistic style? A fox sitting in a field in the style of Claude Monet? Yup, it’s that smart. And the best part is that anyone can play around with it. 

A DALL·E 2 generation of an oil painting of a fox sitting in a field

Stable Diffusion

Similar to DALL-E 2 is Stable Diffusion. It’s a text-to-image model that creates images based on text descriptions, as well as modify existing images following text-based prompts. You can try out how it works on their website; no registration or credit card is required, only an idea and a few words to describe the desired result.


Another AI art generator is Midjourney. It’s currently in beta, and anyone can start using it via their Discord channel. The trial version is limited to 25 queries, and takes about 1 minute to generate 4 options based on your text request. But beware — it’s a pretty addictive tool, and you may end up wanting more than 25 images. 


If you want to generate realistic images, this one’s for you. GauGAN turns your text prompts into detailed, photorealistic images. You can test it out on their website; no registration is required for a free live demo.   

The Next Rembrandt

The Next Rembrandt is a project of creating a completely new painting by the famous Dutch painter. A combination of 3D printing and artificial intelligence was used to create a painting as close as possible to Rembrand’s original style. The project aims to show how artificial intelligence can be used to create art, as well as how technology can be used to recreate history.

Another free AI art generator is It works in a browser, and its built-in prompt generator makes it really easy to use. You can choose between different styles (painting, photo, sci-fi, anime…) and then write or narrate your text description. You can also select the dimensions of the output you want.

This Beach Does Not Exist

This AI-generated art has a common theme: beaches. Beaches that do not exist, to be precise. The model was trained with a dataset of more than 20,000 images of real beaches, based on which the AI generates new, random images of beaches that do not actually exist. Ready for a dip in the ocean? Check out the nicest beaches here. 


This AI image generator comes from Google. It combines a deep level of understanding of language with a text-to-image diffusion model, resulting in high-fidelity image generation. The tool isn’t publicly available.

Magic Eraser

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to quickly delete something from an image? With AI, that's now possible in seconds. With Magic Eraser, you can simply highlight the area you want to remove and download the corrected image. And the best part is that it works in the browser, requires no registration, and is free to use. 

Let’s Enhance

Need to resize or enhance an existing picture? Let’s Enhance helps you correct colors, fix pixelation, or remove specific objects from your pic. It can edit up to 20 images at once, and you can also use presets to save some time. It works in a browser, and there’s a free trial available. 

Playground AI

Playground AI is another online platform where you can create and share art. The simple interface guides you through writing prompts. There’s a text field where you can enter your description and a dropdown menu where you can choose a style (cinematic, wall art, Spielberg, delicate detail…). You can also select whether you want your image to be based on the Stable Diffusion or the DALL-E 2 model. You can start for free and then upgrade to the Pro plan that lets you create 2000 images per day for $15/month.

Prompt: 2D digital painting, art by Anna Dittman, fluid motion, dynamic movement, flying leaves, red and yellow, cinematic lighting, inspired by playground artist Nobody Really


The Stable Diffusion image generation model has an online app called DreamStudio. It can create images of anything you describe in a text box, and you can start using it for free (you’ll be prompted to create an account before you can start creating). After you use up your 200 free credits, you can buy more.

Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator offers several AI tools that enhance collaboration between humans and AI when it comes to creating art. To start using it, you first have to create an account. After that, you upload your “Base Image” and “Style Image” and click Generate. You can also select from several predefined styles. The AI will then generate the Base Image in the style of the Style Image. You can get started for free, and there are different subscription plans available. 


Artbreeder uses AI to allow users to create art in two different ways. With “Collager,” users can draw simple shapes and then describe what they want in the image — the AI will place the described objects in pre-drawn shapes.

“Splicer” allows users to blend images together and edit various parameters using a simple slider (age, gender, colors…). Users can upload up to 3 images for free, though it can take up to 1 hour to process original images, which is much longer compared to other tools.

Write your prompt, choose the style you want, and voilà. Your artwork is ready. is a simple app that creates art and includes in-app options to mint it as an NFT or print it on canvas. The app is free to use without limits.

AI Writing Tools and Text Generators

Are you looking for a way to make your writing process faster and easier? AI writing tools and text generators are the perfect solution! These tools use natural language processing (NLP) to generate texts based on prompts you provide. The results are impressive – not only is the text generated quickly, but it also has a certain tone, style and spark of creativity. With GPT-3, the largest machine learning model used for NLP, you can rest assured that you'll get quality results every time.


ChatGPT is a web-based chatbot created by OpenAI that has gained immense popularity since its launch in November 2022. Its user-friendly interface functions like any other traditional chatbot, where users can ask questions and receive answers. Built on top of OpenAI's large language models, it has been trained on a vast database of information from the internet and is revolutionizing the way people create text-based content. Plus, it's free to use!


TLDR This is an AI writing tool that quickly summarizes any text in just a few seconds. Just paste the link, choose the output (short or detailed summaries), and click Generate. You can also use TLDR plugins for Chrome and Firefox to summarize any text while browsing. The tool offers a free version with up to 10 pieces of content, and two advanced plans for more demanding users. 


LyricStudio is a great tool for songwriters and musicians to generate unique lyrics for any music genre. After selecting a topic, the tool provides multiple lyric options with its “Smart Suggestions” feature, as well as helps you find rhymes for specific words. You can start a free trial by creating an account.


Shortly is an AI writing tool that helps you when you run out of ideas or are unsure about your writing style. It uses GPT-3 and can help you rewrite, shorten or expand your sentences with simple commands. The unlimited annual subscription costs $65/month, and you can try it for free before purchasing.


INK is a combination of an AI writer, an SEO optimizer, and a content planner. You can use them individually or in a bundle called INK Suite. The tool offers a free version with some limitations to the plan. is an AI text generator perfect for marketers who write different types of copy. You select the type of copy you need, provide some input data, and choose the tone. The AI will generate a few different versions of copy for you to choose from. You can start using it on a 7-day free trial.


WordTune is a tool for writers that helps you find the right words. It rewrites your thoughts in different styles, and can be used in a browser (with a plug-in) and also in Word (Beta version). It offers free and premium plans.


Jasper is an online AI writing tool for marketers leveraging GPT-3. It includes more than 50 templates and its AI is trained on industry best practices. You can try it for free for 5 days, but you will have to provide your credit card details. After 5 days, paid plans start at $40/month. 


Frase is an AI tool specifically designed for SEO people who want to rank high in search results pages. It covers the entire SEO workflow and offers a 5-day trial for $1, and paid plans starting at $14.99/month.


Sudowrite is an AI copywriting tool that helps you rewrite your paragraphs in different ways and can also help you with some creative brainstorming. It’s free to try and costs $10/month after the free trial period.


Jenni is an AI writer that completes your writing based on what you have already written and the title of your text. Before it starts writing, it will ask you to specify the title and select the tone (professional, friendly, persuasive, academic). You can also enter a short description of your piece. It then starts writing sentence by sentence, and asks you to confirm or deny each new sentence. After the free trial period, it costs from $12 per month.


HyperWrite helps you complete your sentences quickly and gives you suggestions for your writing. You can use HyperWrite through their online platform (ideal for longer pieces where it is important to properly set up the document), but it also works across the web using the Google Chrome extension. The free version of HyperWrite is limited to 1000 sentences per month. 


Another AI text generator that uses GPT3 is Rytr. Story plots, Instagram posts, headlines — this tool helps you write them quickly. It has an intuitive interface with several preset options that will help you provide good prompts. To try it out, you need to register on their platform. It is free to use if you generate less than 10,000 characters per month, and the paid plans start at $9 per month. 


If you want you and your team to spend less time writing, Copysmith is another tool worth trying out. It can generate copy in more than 100 languages. With "Campaign Builder" you can not only write blog posts, headlines, and other marketing materials but also create copy for multiple channels with just one (campaign) prompt. You can sign up for the 7-day free trial. 


Phrasee will rewrite or generate marketing copy for you. It combines artificial intelligence and computational linguistics to help you write in your brand language. There is no option to try it for free, and also no pricing details on the Phrasee website — in order to see how it works, you should book a demo.

Article Forge

Article Forge was created to help writers write long-form articles (longer than 1500 words). It is a very simple AI tool that gives you results in 60 seconds. All you have to do is type in your keyword, and the article or blog post will be generated in less than a minute. You can use the tool for free for 5 days. 


NeuralText is a tool that has three main features: Paragraph Generator, Content Outline, and Product Description. It also helps you with your SEO efforts — it performs competitor analysis, generates the best H-structure for your content, and discovers and clusters keywords. At the moment, it is already integrated with Google Docs, and integrations with Chrome, Shopify, and WordPress are in the works. Pricing starts at $49 per month.


Writesonic is an artificial intelligence tool that writes long-form content in four steps: First, it gives you ideas. Second, it writes the intro. Third, it generates the outline. Fourth, it writes the full article. There is a free trial version that allows you to test how it works before you subscribe.


Still taking notes of your online meetings manually? Why not let AI do it for you? Scribbl does just that — it transcribes your Google Meets and saves the transcription to Google Docs. You can easily download or edit it further. There is a free plan available that covers up to 15 transcriptions, while the Pro plan costs $9 per month.

AI Music Generators

AI is also democratizing music, changing the way it is created and empowering everyone with the chance to become a musician. All you need is an idea, a computer, and an AI Music Generator 🎶. AI-generated music can be created in minutes, depending on the prompts you provide; each AI song generator will usually ask you to define a style, use case, or other specific characteristics that will define the output. Large models are trained on numerous songs and audio files, enabling your selected AI song generator to accurately understand your prompts and use machine learning to generate new and unique music accordingly. From background music to speech enhancement to jingles, these AI tools cover all aspects of musical production.


Jukebox is an AI song generator by OpenAI, capable of generating singing and music in different styles and genres. You can explore the collection of songs here, although using this tool requires some coding.


AIVA is an AI music generator that creates background music for various use cases (games, videos, commercials, events, etc.). It generates unique music based on your needs, and you can either start generating music by selecting predefined styles or upload an original sound file as an influence. If you decide to use their free plan, the generated music should not be used for commercial purposes and is owned by AIWA; for more demanding users, there are paid offers starting from $11/month.


Supertone is a creative studio from Korea that uses AI to create music, voices, and other sounds. They specialize in speech enhancement, song revival, and dubbing - so if you want to hear Freddie Mercury singing in Korean, they've got you covered!


Boomy is an online AI music generator that allows anyone to create their own original music in seconds and share it with the world. All you have to do is pick a style and customize it, and then you can share your music on different streaming platforms (including Spotify, YouTube and TikTok) that pay you for each listen.

AI Face Generators

Need a realistic portrait of a person but don't have the budget or time? AI face generators could be the answer. These tools use advanced image processing and neural networks to generate unique human faces from scratch in a matter of seconds. You can even apply specific attributes such as skin color, hair color, and emotions to create the image you want. Research shows that the images created by face generators are indistinguishable from real images, so you can use them worry-free. If you want to try it out, check out This Person Does Not Exist, Face Generator, or Fake People.

AI face generators are a great solution if you need a portrait of a real person for your marketing materials, but are on a budget. Advanced image processing technology and neural networks are used to create unique human faces in seconds, and research has shown that the images created by these generators are indistinguishable from real photos.

This Person Does Not Exist

This Person Does Not Exist'. It allows you to create images of people who, well, don't actually exist - with a single click. The page was primarily developed as a stunt to raise awareness about AI and its capabilities.

Face Generator

Face Generator allows you apply your own parameters. Using this generator, you can select skin color, emotions, hair, makeup, and more in order to generate the face you want. Fun fact: By manipulating all the parameters, you can get 11.232,000+ variants of the same face. The tool has a free 3-day trial and after that costs $19.99/mo. It also allows you to buy a single image for $8.97/image.

AI Painting and Drawing Tools

Improve your drawings and have some fun with an AI drawing generator. It can help you finish your doodles, animate the objects on your drawings, or generate completely new drawings based on your text descriptions. All of these AI drawing tools are super easy to use and completely free. However, they won't generate perfect art and images, but rather simple sketches. If you're looking for AI image generators, see Chapter 2. For some fun with your inner child, try one of these tools


Remember the good old Paint? Think of AutoDraw as Paint on steroids. As you doodle on a blank canvas, this AI drawing generator suggests various shapes and symbols it thinks you'd like to draw. You can also add text, change colors, and insert different shapes to your drawing. When you're done, you can simply download the image. This AI tool was initially an AI experiment by Google Creative Lab.

Sketch MetaDemoLab

Did you know that there's an online tool that can bring your drawings (or those of your children) to life? All you have to do is scan and upload your drawing, and the AI will automatically recognize the objects. After that, you can select from a variety of movements for your character. You can make them dance, jump, walk, etc. Using this AI drawing tool is free of charge.

Magic Sketchpad

Magic Sketchpad is an AI tool that helps you finish your drawings. Before you start drawing, you select a category to help the algorithm understand what you want to draw. You can also change colors and apply multiple categories to your image. When you're done, you can download the image in .jpg format. The tool is free and requires no signup.

Quick, Draw!

From doodling to drawing... in seconds! Quick, Draw! is an AI drawing experiment by Google. It uses similar technology to that of Google Translate to understand writing. Based on the sketch, it recognizes the object someone wants to draw. It's free and anyone can try it out.


Craiyon is an online model that draws images from text prompts (formerly known as DALL-E mini). It takes up to 2 minutes to generate 9 images you can then choose from. You can use this free AI drawing tool in a browser or via Android app.

AI Audio Generators

Do you want to turn your text into speech without having to record yourself? AI voice generators offer you thousands of voices to choose from, from voices of "normal people" to synthesized voices that imitate actors, politicians, or movie characters. 🗣

AI voice generators can be used for creating voice recordings for commercial purposes (chatbots, commercials, video voiceovers...) or just for fun.


Imagine if you could make famous characters say your words. FakeYou uses AI to let you do just that. It is a free text-to-speech generator where you can choose from hundreds of voices and have them speak the words you type in. From Barack Obama and Albert Einstein to your favorite cartoon character - they are all there. It's a pretty cool way to prank a friend, don't you think? 


Uberduck text to speech has more than 5000 expressive voices you can choose for your voiceover, and it also allows you to clone your own voice. You can use it for fun (you can have the voice sing or rap) or for commercial purposes. Paid plans start at $10/month.


Do you want to extract different sounds from your video or audio? LALAL.AI is an AI audio tool that can do this using machine learning algorithms quickly and accurately. With this top-notch AI system, you can remove voices or any instruments from files without losing quality. You can try it for free for 10 minutes and get an additional 5 minutes for following them on Reddit.

AI Design Tools

The online world is a visual one, and whether you like it or not, basic design skills are almost a must today. Remember how much time you spent the last time designing a presentation or a simple social media banner? 😧

Well, you can always go with a designer, but that's rather expensive and time-consuming. If you want to design your visual materials quickly and in a scalable way, the answer is simple: use an AI design tool. Or several of them. There are plenty of artificial intelligence tools for (non)designers on the market, and they can help you create nice and on-brand visuals in a snap. You don't have to spend hours and lots of money on your designs — let AI do the work instead.


We all know that more fonts together look better than a single one, but when it comes to selecting them… That's when things get complicated. But worry not! This AI design tool helps you pair fonts using deep learning, so you don't have to rely on your intuition anymore. It's free and open source.


Need to design a logo and other branded materials, but you're not a designer? Looka helps you make a logo in seconds. You can select different styles, fonts, layouts, and more until you have the perfect logo for your business. You can download multiple variations of your logo: black and white, colored, or with a transparent background. Paid plans start at $4.99/month

Design Beast

This AI design platform combines several design features under one roof: Mockup Engine, Logo Factory, Image Editor, Object Remover, Background Remover, and Pixel Perfect. It's a good solution if you're not a designer, as it has many ready-to-use templates for different use cases. Prices start at a one-time payment of $67.

Alternate Text


Jitter helps you create animated designs in seconds. You can animate text and other elements of your design. It's perfect for animating interfaces or creating social media and other communication materials. An extensive library of templates is available. The Basic plan is free to use, but if you need high-quality exports without watermarks, the Pro plan costs $12/month.

Make presentations like a designer with a little help from AI. includes hundreds of templates you can easily customize. There are also tons of stock photos and videos you can use, the ability to upload audio tracks, and collaboration features to streamline your work. Prices start at $12/month, but the tool also lets you buy ad-hoc projects for $45/project.

This AI design tool covers all visual aspects of content marketing — it helps you easily create logos, videos, banners, voiceovers, and mockups. They offer four subscription tiers, and you can also pay per project if you want.

AI Business Tools

If you run your own business, especially a small one, you likely wear several hats. You're dealing with customers, doing admin work, and managing business processes. All of this requires excellent time management and different skills. 

Have you ever thought about using AI tools to help your small business? They can help you automate processes, save time on repetitive manual tasks, and increase revenue. And no, you don't have to spend a fortune to buy them. In fact, many of these AI tools are designed specifically for small businesses, so why not give them a try?


Coming up with a business name can be difficult. Every name you think of sounds silly, weird, or bland. 🤔 Namelix can help you out. All you have to do is enter your keywords, choose the level of randomness, and pick a naming style. The tool will then generate various suggestions for your brand name for free.


Finding top talent is something many businesses struggle with, big or small. That's why it's so important to have a consistent and optimized copy when it comes to attracting talent. 

Textio is an AI tool that gives your writing research-backed language guidance and detects social bias in your content. It integrates with apps like Workday, Greenhouse, Outlook, and Gmail, but you can also use their platform. To find out the price, you should book a demo.


If you're thinking about developing your own web app, Flatlogic can save you (or your mobile developers) tons of time and development costs. Teams use this AI tool to build web apps, create CMSs, online databases, and more. You choose the technology stack and template that looks good to you, and customize it to your needs. After reviewing it, you can connect it to Github, and your app is ready to be deployed. Their pricing starts at $299/app/year.


Weblium helps you build a website easily and quickly. You don't need any design or coding skills as they offer more than 300 templates for mobile-friendly websites. Each website comes with a free domain, but you'll need to upgrade to the Pro plan to customize it. 



Zia is an AI assistant that can help you gather data, understand important insights and advanced analytics, translate your emails and help you write, and more — all available 24/7. helps you create your resume and cover letter based on 18 templates created by experts. It also helps you with pre-written phrases triggered by adding a job title and spell check your copy. You can try it for free. 


Timely automatically records the time spent in different work apps through native integrations. This is a great way to track productivity. They offer a 14-day free trial, while their most popular plan is $14/month.


Landbot is an intuitive platform that helps you deploy your chatbot in no time. The platform offers a library of templates, simple WhatsApp automation, and an API. It automatically syncs your data across multiple platforms. The starter plan costs €30/mo. is a conversation builder that leverages AI to give your customers the right answers based on advanced natural language processing and your training inputs. It works on your website as well as on multiple platforms such as Slack, Zendesk, and Teams.


Yooz is an AI tool that helps you manage invoices. It is paperless and automated, and you can request a free 15-day trial or subscribe to the platform (the price depends on the volume of documents processed).


RAD AI combines data with authentic content across all marketing channels, helping you create content that resonates with your target audience. It focuses on building authentic, emotional relationships by analysing past performance and developing strategies for future content.


DigitalGenius helps you provide good support for your customers. It integrates into your stack and covers more than 50 e-commerce use cases, from order updates to refunds to loyalty programmes. They offer a free trial with full access to the platform.

Conversica AI

Conversica AI provides a group of assistants to help your revenue team convert more opportunities. Your AI assistants team is super smart, hardworking, and never sleeps. As a result, they can respond to inquiries within minutes and engage with prospects in a personalized manner in real time. 


Acrolinx helps you create enterprise content for multiple touchpoints with your customers. It helps you analyze your existing content and set goals for the content you want it to improve for you. It gives you a score of different aspects of your content (clarity, accessibility, tone of voice, and others), and also suggests alternative phrasings.


MyWave combines AI and personal data from previous interactions so that every communication with the customer appears highly personalized. 


Abe helps you create and implement virtual financial assistants in the field of online banking. It uses natural language for communication and native financial intelligence to help you make better financial decisions. 


Poplar.Studio enables shoppers to try on clothes virtually and visualise products in their home environment. With its AR and 3D solutions, it helps shoppers make better choices through advanced virtual displays of goods, from jewellery to cars to furniture. 

GitHub Copilot

GitHub's Copilot is an AI that helps you write code faster and with less work. You simply describe what you want it to code (in natural, everyday language), and it suggests code and entire functions in real time. They offer a 60-day free trial, and after that, it costs $10/month/user.

AI Research Tools

Are you looking for AI tools to help you with your research? Look no further! Genei,, Semantic Scholar, Elicit, and are all great options for staying up to date on the latest research trends, generating summaries of long papers, and extracting key findings from documents. You can try them out for free or at an affordable price.

Are you looking for AI tools to help with your research? Look no further! Genei,, Semantic Scholar, Elicit, and are all great options to speed up your research process. Genei can automatically summarize documents and websites, while helps you upload documents and connect to different data sets. Semantic Scholar indexes millions of research papers and can extract key findings in seconds, and Elicit is a free AI-powered search engine. Finally, is a natural language processing platform that helps people make better decisions by understanding and extracting insights from data.

Many students and researchers are already using AI for research purposes, making it easier to stay up to date on the latest research and to organize and cite favorite research papers correctly. AI for research can also save a great deal of time and effort, from generating summaries of long research papers to sending notifications about new trends in one's field. If you’re in academia, you should consider giving these AI tools a try — they’re affordable, accurate, and work super fast. 


Genei uses AI to speed up the research process, automatically summarizing any PDF or website, and providing short, summarized answers to questions. The Basic plan is $3.99/month, with a free trial available. is a workspace for research that leverages AI to help with everything research-related. It allows you to upload documents and connect to different data sets, and then apply the software’s comprehensive features to them, such as filtering and extracting data, understanding contexts, and generating summaries. A demo can be requested on their website.


Semantic Scholar helps to stay up to date with the latest research trends in your field, indexing more than 2 million academic research papers and extracting key findings from them in seconds. It can also help to cite and find influential literature, and will notify you of new papers or citations of your interest. It is free to use.


Elicit is another AI tool for researchers based on GPT-3, used as an AI powered search engine to quickly find relevant papers and provide abstracts. It is free to use. is a natural language processing platform that helps people make better decisions by understanding and extracting insights from data. It offers various insights such as publication activity, citation trends, top publishers and authors, and is used by companies and organizations to make sense of data and gain actionable insights.

For every day

Are you looking for ways to save time and increase productivity? Check out these AI-powered tools! TimeHero helps you stay organized and on track with tasks, Wade is your personal career guide, Josh is a voice-controlled AI system for home automation, helps you manage your finances, Excelformulabot turns your problems into Excel formulas in seconds, provides scientifically backed background music, and Futurenda creates a dynamic agenda of activities.

Admit it - there are some things in your life that take up too much time. Finding the right Excel formula, updating your CV when you look for a new job, and organizing your personal finances are all examples of this. But it's 2022, and there's an AI productivity tool for each of these areas. These tools help with repetitive and time-consuming tasks, so you can save your time for the things that really matter. With these apps, the AI can take care of the rest without you even noticing. 


TimeHero is an AI productivity tool that helps you stay organized and in control. Connect your calendar, add tasks, and connect the apps you use on a daily basis. TimeHero creates an adaptive work schedule for you, so you can focus on your work instead of planning. 


Josh is a voice-controlled AI system that can be used to control various smart home devices, including lights, thermostats, and door locks. It can also provide information about the weather, traffic, and news. Depending on your devices, you can use it in your home. is an app that sorts your data based on your spending patterns and provides timely financial advice through alerts and recommendations. This is an invite-only app. 


Excelformulabot is a productivity tool that saves you the frustration of using complex Excel formulas. You simply describe a problem you want to solve (with words), and it turns your problem into a formula in seconds. This tool costs $2.99/month. offers the most advanced and scientifically backed background music, produced to affect your brain the way you want it to. Select your favorite genres, your current mental state, activity, and duration, and you get the optimal music to stimulate your brain. 


Futurenda helps you create a dynamic agenda of your activities, so you always know what’s coming up next and when certain tasks can be completed.

AI Tools for Students

AI can serve multiple purposes in education, such as personalizing programs, detecting plagiarism, transcribing lectures, and facilitating rapid communication between teachers and students. It can help to address various challenges faced by the education sector, by replacing manual work, reducing the risk of human errors, making communication more effective, and saving time.


Otter is a great tool for students who want to focus on listening to lectures and engaging in other ways, instead of taking notes. It takes notes in real-time and works with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. The notes can be accessed and edited via the mobile or web app.


Summari is an AI-powered tool that can quickly read texts and provide comprehensive summaries. It has been trained on thousands of human-written article summaries, and can be used via Chrome extension, mobile app, or integrations for Slack and Teams. It is currently in Beta and can be used for free.


Gradescope is an AI-powered tool that can help teachers grade assessments in various subjects, such as physics, math, chemistry, biology, and engineering. It works on digital and paper-based assignments and provides valuable insights into students' knowledge levels. It offers three plans, and teachers get their first two terms for free.

AI for Cinephiles 

Sometimes, a movie quote or music clip is the best way to get your message across. Instead of searching the entire internet and YouTube (who has time for that, really?), you can now use AI to quickly find specific quotes from popular culture. is a perfect AI tool for cinephiles. Just enter a quote you have in mind and this AI tool will find you all the movie clips with that specific quote. You can also download and share it with your friends. 


Yarn is also an excellent tool. Simply type in a word or phrase from a TV show, movie, or song, and Yarn will find the clips you’re looking for. Say goodbye to endless googling and searching for quotes on YouTube.

AI Character Generators

Do you want to bring a fantasy character to life? Use an AI character generator! 🤖 You don't need any video animation knowledge or to be a professional illustrator; all you need is a good idea, and the AI will do its magic. Whether you want to create animated video stories, your digital friends, or other AI-generated creatures, there are AI tools that can help:

This AI character generator allows you to create animated video stories by creating unique scenes, characters, and your own dialogs. At the moment, it only works in English, and you can try it out on their website.


If you thought that AI companions only lived in futuristic movies, you're wrong. You can now create your own AI friend who is always there in the app to chat with you or give you advice. You can create a replica in the form of a friend, partner, mentor, or whatever else you can imagine. The more you talk to the character, the more it will get to know you. Does this sound familiar? 

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