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What is an AI avatar?

David Gillham

An AI avatar is used to represent a human form in a virtual environment digitally. AI stands for “artificial intelligence”. Therefore, an AI avatar is an avatar used in the digital realm.

Why are AI avatars useful?

AI avatars can be used in a myriad of applications. AI avatars are often used as video avatars, video chatbots, online characters for games, virtual brand representatives, and customer service agents on websites where customers need virtual assistance.

Many AI avatars, such as those created by us at Colossyan for our AI video platform for workplace learning, are based on real-life actors who have agreed for their image to be used. Video footage of the actor is filtered through an AI algorithm which helps form new videos from specifically entered text.

How Companies are Using AI Avatars to enhance learning and training material

Many companies are now using  AI avatars as an effective way to enhance their learning and training material. The avatars that these companies use are computer-generated images that can often be taught to communicate with learners in a realistic way. This helps to provide a dynamic, one-of-a-kind training experience that is highly beneficial for users. 

At Colossyan we not only design AI avatars, but are experts in producing high-quality AI video content for your company's learning and training requirements.

AI avatars can be used in learning and training material to provide significant benefits such as cost-effectiveness, realistic simulation, engaging training experiences, immediate feedback, and customized learning. 

Companies like State of New Mexico use AI avatars in their training material because it is cost-effective. Traditional training methods normally involve in-person training sessions, which can be costly and unengaging. AI avatars, on the other hand, can be used time and time again with little additional cost. Therefore, businesses with limited budgets find training material that uses AI avatars are often an attractive option.

AI avatars can be used to simulate real-life situations effectively. This gives learners a realistic training experience which they can use to practice their skills in a real-life situation before having to deal with actual customers. 

AI avatars can also provide a thought-provoking training experience for learners. Those who study with AI avatars are more likely to retain information as they are engaged and interested in the material, while traditional methods are often dull and unengaging. 

Colossyan AI Avatars

A further advantage of using AI avatars is the immediate feedback they can offer to learners. AI avatars can be programmed to decipher learner responses and offer instant feedback. In this way, learners can learn from their mistakes immediately, allowing them to retain more information.

Finally, one of the major pluses of using AI avatars in a training program, such as those offered by Colossyan, is the ability to customize the learning experience for each individual user. This enables the student to have a uniquely beneficial learning experience which may not always be possible when using traditional training methods.

When creating training videos, ensuring the audience understands the material is essential. By using an AI avatar as narrator you can ensure that your learners have a positive experience. AI avatars, such as those used by Colossyan, can explain concepts clearly and concisely.

By using AI avatars you can also create a library of videos that can be accessed on-demand. Alternatively, you can use AI avatars to create personalized training videos for each employee individually.

AI avatars are being used extensively in learning and development in areas such as intelligent tutoring systems, virtual reality simulations, learner support chatbots, automated grading tools, content recommendation systems, and optimizing data analytics.

Major tech giants such as Google and Amazon are dedicating resources to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, and their AI avatars like Siri and Alexa have become a seamless part of everyday life. Therefore, it is clear to see that the AI avatar industry is growing rapidly and will be used more and more often in the coming years.

Why using avatars in training videos is useful

AI avatars, such as those provided by Colossyan, are extremely useful when creating training videos as they allow you to provide a human face in your training content. As a result, training videos are more engaging and effective.

AI avatars also allow you to make your training material more personalized, which can help learners understand how to put things into practice more easily.

Using AI avatars in your training material is a great way to ensure that your learners understand how to carry out their duties more effectively.

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