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Mar 7

How to Convert an Article to Video Using AI

David Gillham

Converting articles from text to video has become an extremely useful tool for educators, content creators, marketing managers, and innovative business leaders looking to expand their reach. 

For beginners seeking to create more engaging videos, using AI to transform written content into watchable footage provides some major benefits. Text-to-video creation opens up your insights to new audiences and allows you to recycle and repurpose existing articles across different formats and channels.

In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of converting text articles into videos using artificial intelligence. We’ll also look at how these AI-powered solutions can automate video creation to save time while producing high-quality results. Whether you’re looking to turn old blog posts into YouTube shorts or create visually engaging explainer videos from your onboarding or training documentation, text-to-video can help expand the exposure of your written word.

Why convert articles into videos?

You don’t need to onboard a full-fledged videographer to start creating video content. As long as you have articles at the ready, you can repurpose them into stunning videos through artificial intelligence.

But why turn your articles into videos in the first place?

For starters, sometimes your SEO blog articles need an extra visibility boost. By repurposing your articles into videos, you can get more mileage out of your assets. Repurposing content also allows your audience to engage through multiple mediums.

Another major reason to shift your text content to video is increased engagement. Studies have shown that narrated videos lead to higher learning performance than printed texts. Videos also allow you to explain complex topics in a more dynamic, illustrative manner. Using features like overlays, animations, text highlights, and more, AI tools for video creation—like Colossyan—can convert your article text into easy-to-follow videos.

Finally, expanding your articles into a video format enables you to access entirely new audiences. For example, you can easily distribute your video content across YouTube or generate subtitles in multiple languages other than English.

What you need to get started

Converting your articles into video content is pretty straightforward these days—especially when you have artificial intelligence tools like Colossyan at your disposal. You don’t need fancy equipment or technical skills. The basics for creating AI-powered video content from your written documents consist of only two things:

  • A completed training manual or elearning course you want to turn into engaging video lessons: This can be existing text-based learning materials, new technical documentation, or even internal presentations.
  • AI video creation software. User-friendly tools like Colossyan provide everything you need to get started with video content creation. Regardless of the AI tools you use, simply submitting your article text will allow you to generate stunning video drafts that you can customize based on your needs.

Sounds simple enough, right? While the AI video creation process is seamless, we still want to ensure you have everything you need to create stunning videos that meet your needs. Here are a few steps you can take to guarantee you’re getting the most out of your video content.

Step 1: Select your AI video platform

The first step in transforming your training materials and company documentation into videos is choosing the right platform to meet your needs. There are several AI-powered tools and video makers on the market that can convert your text documents. 

And while there’s no best AI video generator, there are a few key capabilities to keep in mind:

Ease of use

Your AI video maker should have an easy-to-use interface that you can seamlessly navigate. Simplicity ensures you can focus on video content creation instead of spending time learning about random modules and software features.

Content customization

Ideally, your AI video tool should give you high levels of customization over generated media, voices, music, and visual styles. With Colossyan, for example, you can customize AI voices for your videos with a broad range of accents, voice types, and 70+ languages.

AI output quality

If you’ve entered a random or vague prompt into ChatGPT, you know that AI can’t give you exactly what you want every time. However, by investing in an AI video creator with the sole purpose of turning your articles into professional video scripts, realistic voices, and high-definition footage, you’ll never have to worry about output quality again.

Step 2: Prepare your article for video conversion

Once you’ve selected an AI video platform, you’ll want to prep your content so you can easily convert articles from text to video. Here are a few ways you can optimize your written articles and scripts so they’re primed and ready to go for video editing.

Use short, concise paragraphs

AI doesn’t always respond well to large walls of text. Before you upload your content for video conversion, try to break up your content into small chunks of text per section. This makes it easier for the AI to interpret the key concepts in your content and create engaging scenes.

Avoid complex niche terminology

Unless it’s totally necessary, try to omit any extremely complex or niche language in your content. While adding industry jargon won’t directly affect an AI’s ability to interpret your content, using simple, straightforward language allows for the widest visualization and understanding from AI tools.

Remember, you’re creating a video script—not traditional blog content. Optimizing articles with easy-to-follow, scannable writing allows AI video software to work its magic for high-quality results.

Step 3: Using Colossyan for AI video creation

Not to toot our own horn, but if you want to easily convert text into video content, Colossyan makes the process seamlessly flow from start to finish. Here’s a quick look at what the workflow looks like in Colossyan and how you can create stunning videos in no time. 

To start, you can leverage our pre-built video templates to quickly generate videos without spending hours tweaking and editing. 

‍Colossyan video templates library (Source)

Then, in the script editor, upload the text from your existing training materials, presentations, documents, or elearning articles. Colossyan’s built-in AI Assistant can automatically work to shorten your text, strengthen the tone, correct your grammar, and more. In turn, you’re left with a narration-ready draft.

As you prepare the script, you can also use Colossyan's Pronunciation Dictionary, which allows you to improve the AI’s narration by adding custom pronunciations. Simply enter the correct phonetic pronunciation to override the automated text-to-speech guidance, and you’ll be guaranteed flawless narration every time. 

Once your script is ready to go, you can choose from various realistic customizable AI avatars to narrate your content as a virtual presenter. Then, select the appropriate backgrounds, subtitle fonts, accents, tone, and 70+ languages to match your brand and audience. Unlike other AI solutions that aren’t built exclusively for video creation, Colossyan’s advanced text-to-speech technology generates remarkably human-like voiceovers from your uploaded scripts.

Once you’ve customized your AI avatar, voice, and video style, all that’s left to do is edit and finalize your video.

Step 4: Finalize your AI video

While artificial intelligence can do a lot of the heavy lifting, it’s ultimately up to you—the creator—to determine the pace, structure, and overall feel of your video.

After using Colossyan’s AI video production tools and templates to develop your initial text-to-video cut, you should review the first rough draft with your team and any other relevant stakeholders. Take note of the scene durations, audio clarity, graphic relevance, and content flow to identify areas for improvement and editing.

What if you’re not an expert video editor? Not a problem—you can use Colossyan’s built-in video editing tools to apply any tweaks, fixes, or customizations you need. 

Colossyan’s built-in editor (Source)

Once you’re in Colossyan’s video editor, you can ensure your AI video aligns with your vision by adjusting the colors, animation timing, and positioning, or adding new visual and audio elements wherever they’re helpful.

Finally, once you’ve put the finishing touches on your AI-generated video, you can export it directly from Colossyan.

Exporting video files in Colossyan (Source)

Additional tips: Getting the most out of your AI-generated video creation

So you’ve put together an AI-generated video. Now what?

Depending on the reason for your AI-generated video creation (elearning and development, video marketing, internal comms, etc.), there are a couple of best practices you can implement to get the most out of your content creation efforts. Here’s what we recommend.

Choose specific sections of your article to convert

When transforming long-form content into video with AI, you may notice that certain portions of your written content prove difficult for AI to properly visualize and convert into video format.

For particularly niche or technically intricate aspects of your article, artificial intelligence may struggle to produce relevant accompanying imagery and graphics. In these special cases, you may need to guide the video creation process more manually. For example, you could include supplemental visual assets like charts, diagrams, or illustrations to clarify concepts within your AI-generated video.

Craft your ideal AI voice

Thoughtful sound design and great audio quality are key components of any engaging video. So, once you’ve created a rough video draft, carefully review the initial AI-produced voiceover draft in your exported video. Try to listen for odd pausing, mispronounced terms, or anything that sounds more robotic than human.

You should also consider how you can tailor your AI’s voiceover to improve your video quality. With Colossyan, you can customize the voice of your AI narrator based on country, region, age, pitch, speed, and more—everything you need to polish your video narration.

Colossyan AI voice selector (Source)

Colossyan also enables you to pick the preferred pronunciation of tricky words and brand names. Simply upload an audio file to train the AI on correct enunciation. You can even clone existing voice talent by providing a sample—perfect for maintaining consistent brand voices across your video trainings.

Once you've selected your ideal AI narrator, Colossyan’s advanced controls allow tweaking the timing of pauses between sentences for better comprehension. If you find yourself using certain voices over and over again, you can favorite specific AI profiles to reuse across multiple video projects.

With so much flexibility over your computer-generated narration, it's simple to craft perfectly clear AI readouts. All that’s left to do is add some subtle background music to boost production value, and your viewers will be hooked from start to finish.

Promote your AI-generated videos on social media

Creating remarkable video content is only half the battle. Studies show click-through rates increase by over 300% when video is included in a company’s marketing materials. Unless your video clips are made only for internal use within your company, promoting your video content on social media is one of the best ways to ensure maximum viewership.

You can cross-promote your new videos across social media platforms, on your email lists, or on your company’s YouTube channel to quickly reach new audiences. Colossyan supports a variety of resolutions and video formats to meet cross-promotional and omnichannel needs. Ultimately, content creators who learn how to leverage social media to distribute their content will see the greatest returns on their video productions. In turn, distributing and promoting your AI video content is a must.

Turn your articles into videos with Colossyan

The artificial intelligence technology fueling video creation is only getting better by the day. So, if you’re serious about creating professional videos, invest in a purpose-built solution for turning your pre-existing content into high-quality videos.

Ready to streamline your video creation process? See how Colossyan is helping innovative business leaders and content creators unlock the full potential of AI video creation—create scalable videos for your business fast.

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