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Oct 6

Elevate Your Training Videos with AI Avatars

Daria Hudec

Whether you're in HR, a team leader, or responsible for training materials, you understand that effective training is key to success. 

Engaging and informative training videos lead to more engaged employees who are more likely to stick around. But what if you could take your training videos to the next level with the power of AI avatars?

This post looks at the challenges of producing training videos and the advantages of employing AI avatars to streamline the process.

The Challenges of Traditional Training Videos

Putting together engaging and effective training videos can be costly and time-consuming. Everything involved from pre-production to editing (and everything in between) requires time and effort. 

Take a look at pre-production. It includes preparing and writing a script, preparing the staff member to deliver the training, and finding a suitable filming location and equipment. 

Once in production, delivering lines correctly and retakes can take days in the studio if you want to churn out plenty of content. These full days of filming can tire out the trainers, leading to decreasing quality as time goes on. Post-production adds yet another cost; adjusting sound and lighting, clipping scenes, adding in visuals and text, and editing captions are all part of the costly, time-consuming process.

Post-Editing Pitfalls

One of the biggest issues with producing traditional training videos is changing the material. What happens when the training materials change? Do you want to add a new rule or procedure? It’s virtually impossible to go in and recreate a video’s original conditions to make edits after filming. 

Producing traditional training videos sounds daunting, doesn’t it?

Why Use AI Avatars for Training Videos?

Creating high-quality training videos traditionally involves significant time and resources. From scripting to shooting and post-production, it's a lengthy process. AI avatars streamline the lengthy process of shooting and post-production, reducing both time and costs significantly. 

Check out how AI avatars can bring your content to life effortlessly.

AI Avatars: Always On

Unlike shooting human actors in a studio or a dedicated spot in the office, AI avatars don’t get tired, don’t have bad days, and get their lines right on the first try! 

Every AI avatar in the Colossyan library has been through the rigorous process of being filmed in a studio with professional lighting and recording equipment to ensure consistent quality every time. This means every time you need to record a new video or make changes to an existing one, you can simply choose the same avatar and expect identical results,

Localized Learning

If you’re training a team around the world, it’s important to make everyone feel seen and understood. The best way to do that? Localize your training content.

Localization is more than simply translating a video. It requires identifying differences in cultures or regions and reflecting that back in the content. A training video for a team in Ohio would be different for a team in India, even if they spoke the same language. 

Using AI avatars relieves many of the difficulties that come with localization. Since they speak multiple languages fluently, you can avoid awkward-sounding voiceovers or impersonal subtitles. There’s even an automated translation feature that allows the translation of entire video drafts into 70+ languages.

Now, you can create localized training content that resonates with your global teams, eliminating the need for costly translation services. Read more about why you should localize your videos with AI in this related article.


One-size-fits-all training often falls short in engaging learners. 

AI avatars come to the rescue with the option to customize avatars to fit your brand's identity. Beyond aesthetics, you can also select from a library of different voices, creating a personalized touch that enhances engagement and relatability. 

Take this campaign in the Austrian city of Linz. They used Colssyan’s AI avatars to educate its population on vaccinations. With a diverse foreign-born population with limited German proficiency, they wanted to create a more personalized experience for each group. They created AI Vaccination Advisors, that spoke different languages and were able to answer important and pressing questions. With AI avatars, the city of Linz was able to reach 55,000 residents in 11 different languages and save over 50% of its COVID-19 communications budget.

Whether your audience is tech-savvy millennials or seasoned professionals, you can use AI avatars to adapt to your specific needs.

Effortless Editing

As mentioned briefly above, reshooting to update outdated material is expensive. In contrast, videos produced using AI avatars and a video generator like Colossyan are easily editable. This allows for effortless editing and updating while maintaining the same look and feel as previous videos. 

All that’s required is simply tweaking the script or adding a new scene with the new material. It’s an easy way to save time and resources.

Scenario-Based Learning

What better way to engage your trainees and take their learning to the next level than with scenario-based interactions? Colossyan’s conversations feature gives creators the ability to include up to four avatars in a single scene to create a more immersive learning experience.

Simulate real-world situations, conduct role-play exercises and foster dynamic interactions among learners, all within your training videos. The side view options for certain avatars enable even more dynamic and realistic conversations between two avatars. 

Whether it’s practising negotiation skills or conducting mock sales presentations, this feature enhances the realism of your training videos, making learning more impactful.

Your Turn to Elevate Training with AI Avatars

Are you ready to take your training videos to new heights? Sign up for a free trial of Colossyan and experience firsthand how AI avatars can transform your training and development efforts. With our user-friendly platform, you'll discover the difference AI video creation can make.

Stay ahead in the training game with AI avatars. 

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