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Jun 5

Where the magic happens: AI video generator

Team Colossyan

For some years now, it is undeniable that videos, in all their forms, have become quite important in almost every field. They are even more important in online marketing as an advertising tool. It is in the face of the difficulties encountered in making a video that AIs in charge of creating videos were born. Find out how this cost-effective and revolutionary technology works.

Choosing the video avatar

It is very important to properly choose the avatar that is supposed to convey the message. This avatar will be the presenter of your content in its entirety. It will be responsible for transcribing your ideas and thoughts into the video. This technology is very relevant, because it avoids the need to rent studios and hire actors. Here, you choose your own set and your actor according to your requirements. Choosing your avatar or your actor is like deciding the image, the poster of your video. Your actor must inspire confidence and sympathy in the target audience. You will have the right to choose his hairstyle, his look and also his hair color. Indeed, it is important that your avatar is perfectly in tune with the audience you are targeting in order to better reach them.

With videos generated by artificial intelligences you are therefore no longer limited to one actor, but rather you will have a wide choice.

Choosing the setting and languages

The choice of the setting in which the video will take place is almost paramount. There is a reason why people spend large sums of money to rent equipped studios. However, in this case, there is no need for studios. This already saves money and time for the company that wants to make a video. With a few clicks and adjustments, your previously chosen avatar could be on a beautiful beach or in a more serious location such as the premises of a start-up. Of course, you will have to match the setting to the subject of the video. For a video advertising a beach vacation, it would be ideal to place your avatar in a tropical setting. Also, it is important to determine the language in which your video will appear. Artificial intelligences have more than sixty languages at your disposal for the video. Your content can be viewed and understood all over the world.

The video you prepare with AI will be able to reach the target audience of your content, regardless of their language.

This is a great advantage for a company wanting to attract the interest of foreign investors.

Prepare the text and desired effects in the video

Now that the stage is set and the actor is chosen, you now need to determine the theme or content that the artificial intelligence should present. Artificial intelligences specialized in video creation are essentially based on written content that they will be responsible for transcribing orally. So you have to prepare the text that will be presented in the video yourself and then let the AI do the rest of the work. Also, this artificial intelligence will be able to improve your content to a certain extent by completing certain relevant information for example. It should also be noted that the artificial intelligence will be able to directly add certain effects to the video. Putting special effects or adding some writings on the video becomes extremely easy with the AI functions. You will never need to add lighting effects or contrast with the numerous software. In fact, if needed, your video can be optimized to make it more attractive than a video filmed in a studio. The image quality goes up to 1080p.

It is important to remember that videos created with the help of artificial intelligence are the most practical nowadays.

In addition to being inexpensive, they will save you money, because you will not have to pay for a studio and an actor.

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