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Feb 19

20 AI Tools to Revolutionize Your Content Production

David Gillham

Everywhere you look, artificial intelligence (AI) is making businesses run faster and more efficiently. From the friendly AI chatbot that answers a question on a web page to the AI assistant that brushes up your grammar and suggests new captions, AI is paving the way to better, more creative marketing and team management. 

Text on a web scren: 20 AI Tools To Revolutionize Your Content Production. Next to the text, photo of an AI avatar of Colossyan's Lead Learning Experience Designer. Under the text, logos of: Colossyan, Trint, WriteScript, Dall-E, Jasper.

From the original ChatGPT open-source release to newer iterations like GPT-3 and GPT-4, AI platform development is leading to more sophisticated AI tools that assist every facet of business. 

Today, we’ll share the basics of AI tool functionality and highlight the best options for tools in every category:

  • What are AI generation tools?
  • How does AI video work? 
  • What to look for in an AI tool
  • The top 20 tools for AI content generation

What are AI generation tools?

AI content generation tools are advanced software programs that leverage AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms to produce written and visual content automatically. 

These tools mimic human language and visual design efforts, which allows them to generate engaging, relevant, and high-quality content. AI can automate many of the most time-consuming elements of production and creative projects. 

Use cases for generative AI

AI can generate compelling, professional content with increasing depth and range as technology advances. This makes the technology useful for helping educators, marketers, and sales leaders keep up with the demand for useful content. Using AI to boost productivity and accuracy can help teams develop key assets quickly, improving outcomes all around.

Training materials: AI can efficiently generate training videos and content to streamline the employee education process with personalized, interactive, and engaging educational materials. AI removes the challenges of video production, such as finding a speaker, writing scripts, setting up a studio, and editing footage.

Video scripts: AI writing tools help you develop effective video scripts for promotional videos, blogs, sales material, and other visual marketing materials.

Copywriting: AI makes it easier to write and enhance blog posts, email campaigns, and product descriptions—all for the creation of compelling copy for your audience.

Social media posts: AI helps to create engaging captions and content. It can also suggest strong SEO-optimized enhancements and create optimized posting schedules.

Images: AI tools use deep learning algorithms to generate images such as logos, artwork, and even highly accurate stock images.

Video: With AI, you can edit and create videos. Tools like Colossyan leverage the power of pre-rendered avatars to speed up the video production process.

How does AI video work — text icon, Colossyan icon, three examples of AI-generated videos in different languages.

How does AI video work?

Generative AI apps analyze vast data repositories using visual models, natural language processing, and ML to recognize and replicate patterns. As AI advances, it can more readily capture visual and textual structures, context, and nuance to generate unique content. 

Many AI content generation tools offer customization features to specify the desired output tone, style, medium, and other parameters. 

Long story short, AI is a valuable asset for businesses looking to streamline the content creation process while maintaining consistency in brand identity and production cadence. 


AI generates text-based content using ML from a training algorithm. It uses vast amounts of textual data in a large language model (LLM), which enables it to identify and understand patterns within the language. An LLM helps the AI tool recognize syntax, semantics, and context. The trained AI can generate new content by predicting what words or phrases should come next based on the input it receives. 

AI tools often have customization features that allow creators to adjust the generated content's tone, style, and other aspects. This makes AI an efficient tool for creating consistent and tailored text-based content.


AI image generation has evolved over time. Initially, generative adversarial networks used two neural networks in competition. The generator network created new images from random noise, then the discriminator network evaluated them based on real-world data. This process continued until the generator network created an image the discriminator considered optimal. 

AI now employs diffusion models, which transform random noise into clear images through iterative refinement. This process enables greater control over image features and details, resulting in higher-quality images. AI can generate images in different styles and can even mimic specific artists.

Colossyan also offers AI image generation as part of the platform. Available to Pro and Enterprise creators, the AI image generator takes a prompt and then generates four images for you to choose from. You can edit and adjust your prompt as needed before inserting the image into your workflow.


Like other forms of generative AI, video generation tools use deep learning algorithms to analyze and deeply understand visual content. AI technology has revolutionized video creation by adding new layers of personalization and efficiency: 

AI generation enables the use of AI avatars. AI can map facial expressions and movements onto a digital avatar to create highly realistic animations. Depending on the platform, you can control other elements such as camera viewpoint, lighting, geometry, and materials. First used in game and film production, this technique is now available for training applications. Colossyan uses a process called neural rendering to achieve realistic results.

AI assists in the editing process. AI also has applications for automating post-production editing. It can automatically adjust lighting conditions or color grading based on predefined parameters or remove unwanted elements from scenes. Colossyan takes this one step further—with an AI avatar, post-production work is built in. 

All these technical elements work cohesively under AI's supervision to build high-quality video content that’s both engaging and personalized.

What to look for in an AI tool

No matter what you use your AI tools for, you should expect a basic set of features and capabilities from your chosen solution. When shopping for AI content generation tools, look for these highlights: 

Accuracy: Any AI tool should have a high level of accuracy when it comes to content generation. This ensures that the content you create will be reliable and trustworthy.

Personalization features: An ideal AI tool will allow for customization according to your specific needs or preferences. This leads to more personalized and impactful content.

Speedy processing: Time is an invaluable resource in any industry. In turn, an AI tool's ability to quickly generate quality content can drastically improve productivity.

User-friendly interface: Even with all its advanced capabilities, an AI tool shouldn't be difficult to use. A user-friendly interface makes it easier for creators at various levels of technical expertise to operate the system effectively.

The top 20 tools for AI content generation

There’s an AI tool for almost any task an educator, salesperson, leader, or marketer routinely performs—such as transcribing, writing, image sourcing, and video editing. 

Check out the best AI tools across every category in the list below:

Video production

Video is the latest medium to take advantage of AI enhancement. Where other AI tools help you generate content, video production AI also aids with editing existing videos and tailoring them for your purposes. 

Below are some examples of AI video creation tools that help teams create accurate and polished content more efficiently. 



AI avatars are gaining traction in the world of video training, employee education, sales, and other vital applications. Colossyan paves the way for anyone to quickly produce high-quality video using a sophisticated AI presenter, saving time and money.

Creators can use one of the pre-developed AI avatars included in the service to create text-to-video course segments, presentations, and more. You can also capture your own likeness and voice for translation into a customized AI avatar. The Colossyan workspace allows creators to enhance their presentations using active templates, added backgrounds, annotations, and visual elements.  

Runway AI

Runway AI is a useful tool for dynamic video production. It offers a user-friendly interface, quick content generation, and advanced capabilities, including specialty brush tools for creating infinite images, removing unwanted visual elements, and enabling motion interpolation. The tool uses AI to analyze and edit video footage, allowing you to create high-quality videos without prior experience or technical knowledge.


Synthesia is an innovative video AI tool that differentiates itself with access to 160+ avatars in over 120 languages. The platform offers easy-to-use tools such as a library of pre-formatted templates, collaboration tools, and text-to-video generation.


Descript is a cutting-edge video editing tool that combines AI technology with real-time editing to make video production seamless and accessible. It's known for its intuitive design and grants you the ability to edit video content by editing the text used to create it. It also offers AI voice cloning, green screen features, and sound enhancements for higher-quality production.


Fliki is a groundbreaking video editing AI tool renowned for its user-friendly interface and advanced features, like its Magic Create repurposing tool. Its unique selling proposition lies in its ability to simplify complex editing tasks and transform digital images. Creators of varied expertise can easily generate professional-grade images and videos.


AI transcription tools convert spoken language into written text using advanced algorithms to ensure accuracy. Because they streamline documentation, they’re ideal for meetings, interviews, and lectures. AI content transcription makes it fast and easy to pull quotes, create outlines and briefs, and streamline the content creation process.

Here are five transcription tools to try at your next meeting:


Trint is an AI transcription tool that converts audio and video files into editable, searchable text. It's known for its high accuracy, easy-to-use interface, robust security features, and excellent customer support. Trint supports multiple languages and provides real-time transcription services. 


TranscribeMe is renowned for its user-friendly interface, swift turnaround times, and multilingual support. It’s perfect for professionals who require detailed transcripts because it ensures confidentiality while delivering unparalleled accuracy in results.


From the makers of Rev, Temi stands out as a premier automatic speech recognition service. Exceptional in its ability to transform audio into text, its AI-powered system boasts unparalleled accuracy. While similar tools exist, Temi's ability to handle multiple accents and dialects, its fast processing times, and its affordable rates set it apart from the competition.


Otter is a cutting-edge transcription tool that converts spoken language into written text with remarkable accuracy. Otter shines with its real-time transcription capabilities, speaker identification feature, and seamless platform integration. Its efficient, user-friendly solution enhances productivity for many roles and applications.


Sonix is a useful AI-driven transcription tool with features like automatic language detection and speaker identification, and it also boasts a user-friendly interface. It makes transcribing audio and video files easier and more accurate.

Text content 

AI writing assistants are intelligent tools that generate written content, assist with editing and proofreading, and enhance productivity by automating tedious writing tasks. They're efficient, user-friendly, and highly accurate.

Colossyan also includes an AI Assistant for text within the platform, reducing the need for duplicate tools. Ready at any moment in the script editor, the AI Assistant can help you craft a catchy opening line, draft an engaging CTA, provide statistics, and more.

Here are five text-generation tools to consider when writing or editing content:


Writesonic creates high-quality content for blogs, marketing campaigns, and social media posts.

It offers multilingual support, as well as tools like a landing page generator, a resume builder, and an ad copy creator.


Jasper is a versatile AI writing tool that is uniquely designed to generate engaging and high-quality content. It offers functional improvements over similar tools including tone analysis, brand voice replication, and functions to repurpose content by type, channel, personality, and length.


This AI writing assistant and text generator specializes in reader-friendly copy with built-in grammar tools and plagiarism detection. The platform also enhances content management by storing and organizing generated content by channel, team members, and other parameters. It offers a Chrome extension that lets you create content in any text field—email, chat fields, browsers, and more.


This marketing-focused performance writing platform personalizes its output based on brand, audience, and other parameters. It uses copy intelligence features to analyze an organization’s content library and uses the data to target channel-specific language, tone, and highlights. You can also train the AI model on internal campaigns. 

Grammarly Business

Grammarly Business is an advanced writing assistant that uses AI technology to provide real-time grammar, punctuation, and style corrections. It features a readability score and plagiarism detection tools for enhanced content quality. The platform also gives context-specific suggestions that improve communication efficiency for all content applications.

Image generation

AI image generators use text prompts to create unique visuals using complex algorithms, which aids in content development and enhances creative possibilities.

Colossyan offers AI image generation within the platform, cutting down on the need for standalone tools. But if you’re in the market for an independent solution, here are five well-designed generators to help you create high-quality images, logos, and stock photos:

A screenshot of Dall-e 3's interface.


DALL·E 3, an innovative AI-driven image generator created by OpenAI, has distinguished itself with its ability to create original, high-quality visuals from textual descriptions. As one of the first generative image tools, it revolutionized content creation by bringing generative AI image creation to a wide audience. DALL·E 3 also provides digital rights management and copyright controls to prevent unintentional infringement.


Though Canva is known as a graphic design tool, its new AI art features have enhanced the platform by enabling effortlessly generated custom designs. The intuitive interface combines ML with an extensive graphical library, allowing for automatic color matching, style suggestions, and smart layout adjustments. 


Midjourney is one of the better-known AI-powered image-generation tools. You can create, upscale, and establish parameters to generate many images with a unified look and feel. Its operation through Discord creates the possibility of image-generation communities for specific applications. 


This AI tool combines the best of many AI algorithms into one platform. It’s a community-focused AI engine that enables crowdsourcing and sharing created images. It also has a free, usage-based model so you can try out image generation with a few credits per day (without committing to a subscription).

Jasper Art

This AI art generator, from the makers of the Jasper text generation tool, provides many options for style customizations. It offers quick generation, mood selection features, and keyword-enhanced generation for SEO while providing realistic images. Jasper successfully brings two commonly used AI tools together in one user-friendly platform. 

Build better training videos with Colossyan AI

AI helps teams create more content and increase the efficiency of their production. With an understanding of AI functionality, leaders can evaluate and select the best tools for every type of content production. In other words, the best time to integrate AI into your production process is now.

Colossyan offers high-quality, fast, and cost-effective video development powered by AI avatars. Its unique mix of cutting-edge tech and cost-effective production makes it easier to deliver consistent training for teams. If building a strong video library with a regular publishing cadence is a top priority for your business, consider the cost and time savings that organizations achieve by bringing AI into the flow of production. 

Ready to build your company’s first training video featuring an AI presenter? Try Colossyan for free today.




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